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MIXER(8)		FreeBSD	System Manager's Manual		      MIXER(8)

     mixer -- manipulate soundcard mixer controls

     mixer [-f device] [-d unit] [-os] [dev[.control[=value]]] ...
     mixer [-d unit] [-os] -a
     mixer -h

     The mixer utility is used to set and display soundcard mixer device con-

     The options are as	follows:

     -a		Print the values for all mixer devices available in the	system
		(see FILES).

     -d	unit	Change the default audio card to unit.	The unit has to	be an
		integer	value.	To see what unit values	are available, look at
		the number each	mixer device has by running mixer.

     -f	device	Open device as the mixer device	(see FILES).

     -h		Print a	help message.

     -o		Print mixer values in a	format suitable	for use	inside
		scripts.  The mixer's header (name, audio card name, ...) will
		not be printed.

     -s		Print only the recording source(s) of the mixer	device.

     The list of mixer devices that may	be modified are:

	   vol,	bass, treble, synth, pcm, speaker, line, mic, cd, mix, pcm2,
	   rec,	igain, ogain, line1, line2, line3, dig1, dig2, dig3, phin,
	   phout, video, radio,	and monitor.

     Not all mixer devices are available.

     Without any arguments, mixer displays all information for each one	of the
     mixer's supported devices to stdout.  If the dev argument is specified,
     mixer displays only the values for	dev.  More than	one device may be

     Commands use the following	format:

	   Name			       Action
	   dev			       Display all controls
	   dev.control		       Display only the	specified control
	   dev.control=value	       Set control value

     The available controls are	as follows (replace dev	with one of the	avail-
     able devices):

	   Name			       Value
	   dev.volume		       vol|[+|-]lvol[%][:[+|-]rvol[%]]
	   dev.mute		       0|1|^
	   dev.recsrc		       ^|+|-|=

     The dev.volume control modifies a device's	volume.	 The optional lvol
     and/or rvol values	have to	be specified.  The values should typically be
     decimal numbers between 0 and 1 with at most 2 digits after the decimal
     point.  A trailing	percent	sign indicates that the	value should be
     treated as	a percentage of	1.0, rather than an absolute value.  Thus, 70%
     means the same as 0.7.  If	the left or right volume values	are prefixed
     with + or -, the value following will be used as a	relative adjustment,
     modifying the current settings by the amount specified.  Note that	rela-
     tive percentages are still	relative to 1.0, not to	the current value.  If
     the volume	is currently 0.40 and an adjustment of +20% is specified, then
     thet final	volume will be set to 0.60.

     Volume can	also be	set using the shorthand	dev=value.  This syntax	does
     not apply to other	controls.

     The dev.mute control (un)mutes a device.  The following values are	avail-

	   0  unmutes dev

	   1  mutes dev

	   ^  toggles the mute of dev

     The dev.recsrc control modifies the recording sources of a	mixer.	mixer
     marks devices which can be	used as	a recording source with	rec.  Record-
     ing sources are marked with src.  To modify the recording source you can
     use one of	the following modifiers	on a rec device:

	   ^  toggles dev of possible recording	devices

	   +  adds dev to possible recording devices

	   -  removes dev from possible	recording devices

	   =  sets the recording device	to dev

     /dev/mixerN  The mixer device, where N is the number of that device, for
		  example /dev/mixer0.	PCM cards and mixers have a 1:1	rela-
		  tionship, which means	that /dev/mixer0 is the	mixer for
		  /dev/pcm0 and	so on.	By default, mixer prints both the au-
		  dio card's number and	the mixer associated with it in	the
		  form of pcmN:mixer.  The /dev/mixer file, although it	does
		  not exist in the filesystem, points to the default mixer de-
		  vice and is the file mixer opens when	the -f device option
		  has not been specified.

     Change the	volume for the vol device of the /dev/mixer0 mixer device to

	   $ mixer -f /dev/mixer0 vol.volume=0.65

     Increase the mic device's left volume by 0.10 and decrease	the right vol-
     ume by 0.05:

	   $ mixer mic.volume=+0.10:-0.05

     Toggle the	mute for vol:

	   $ mixer vol.mute=^

     Set mic and toggle	line recording sources:

	   $ mixer mic.recsrc=+	line.recsrc=^

     Dump /dev/mixer0 information to a file and	retrieve back later:

	   $ mixer -f /dev/mixer0 -o > info
	   $ mixer -f /dev/mixer0 `cat info`

     mixer(3), sound(4), sysctl(8)

     The mixer utility first appeared in FreeBSD 2.0.5 and was rewritten com-
     pletely in	FreeBSD	14.0.

     Christos Margiolis	<>

FreeBSD	13.0			April 29, 2022			  FreeBSD 13.0


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