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MISCOM(6)			     Games			     MISCOM(6)

       miscom -	defend cities from missile attack (curses game)


       In  miscom  you	must defend cities from	missile	attack.	You do this by
       launching missiles of your own (in a point-and-blast  fashion)  to  de-
       stroy the enemy missiles	before they land.

       The  enemy's  missiles are either normal	missiles or `smart' ones which
       attempt to avoid	explosions. (Both look the same.) Further missiles may
       be  launched  at	 low-level by an enemy plane. (Indicated by the	termi-
       nal's cursor; it's a bit	weird, but you'll know it when	you  see  it.)
       Some  missiles  may  split  into	 multiple  warheads. This is extremely
       nasty, so watch out for it.

       You have	three bases which can launch missiles. When you	press fire  to
       launch  a  missile  at the current cursor position, the closest base to
       the target (with	ammo remaining)	launches it. Ammo remaining  is	 indi-
       cated under each	base. Note that	bases can be blown up too - but	unlike
       cities, these are restored at the start of the next level.

       Lose all	the cities and it's game over (though only after  the  current
       level has finished). There are no bonus cities.

       Use h/j/k/l to move left/down/up/right. Space fires. P pauses the game.

       You  can	 use the explosion from	one enemy missile to destroy another -
       chaining	explosions together like this is the key to not	running	out of
       ammo. Tricky to do under	pressure though.

       It's  probably  best to tap the movement	buttons	N times	to move	rather
       than holding them down.

       There are some display glitches.	Hopefully they don't get in the	way of
       the gameplay. Some of them are intentional to try and keep the speed up
       on slower terminals, but	not all	can be excused like this.

       There aren't any	hi-scores.

       The title screen	is crap. Sorry.	:-)

       There may be other bugs,	but I've tested	it a fair bit and it seems  to
       work well enough.

       The level numbering starting at zero is,	ISTR, not a bug.

       Graham Richards.

       Russell	Marks  cleaned	it up a	bit, added colour and sound, and wrote
       this man	page and other documentation.

Version	1.0		       15th March, 1997			     MISCOM(6)


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