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minput_set_spot(3m17n)		 Version 1.5.5		minput_set_spot(3m17n)

       minput_set_spot - Set the spot of the input context.

       void minput_set_spot (MInputContext * ic, int x,	int y, int ascent, int
       descent,	int fontsize, MText * mt, int pos)

       Set the spot of the input context.

       The minput_set_spot() function sets the spot of input context ic	to
       coordinate (x, y	) with the height specified by ascent and descent.
       The semantics of	these values depends on	the input method driver.

       For instance, a driver designed to work in a CUI	environment may	use x
       and y as	the column- and	row numbers, and may ignore ascent and
       descent.	 A driver designed to work in a	window system may interpret x
       and y as	the pixel offsets relative to the origin of the	client window,
       and may interpret ascent	and descent as the ascent- and descent pixels
       of the line at (x.  y ).

       fontsize	specifies the fontsize of preedit text in 1/10 point.

       mt and pos are the M-text and the character position at the spot.  mt
       may be NULL, in which case, the input method cannot get information
       about the text around the spot.

       Copyright (C) 2001 Information-technology Promotion Agency (IPA)
       Copyright (C) 2001-2009 National	Institute of Advanced Industrial
       Science and Technology (AIST)
       Permission is granted to	copy, distribute and/or	modify this document
       under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License

				  15 Oct 2009		minput_set_spot(3m17n)


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