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MILTER-MANAGER(1)	    milter manager's manual	     MILTER-MANAGER(1)

       milter-manager  -  an  effective	anti-spam and anti-virus solution with

       milter-manager [option ...]

       milter-manager is a milter that provides	 an  effective	anti-spam  and
       anti-virus solution with	milters.

       milter-manager provides a platform to use milters effectively and flex-
       ibly. milter-manager has	embedded Ruby interpreter that is used for dy-
       namic milter applicable condition. milter-manager can provide the plat-
       form by embedded	Ruby interpreter.

       milter-manager reads its	configuration file. The	current	 configuration
       can be confirmed	by --show-config option:
	   % milter-manager --show-config

       milter-manager  also  provides  other options that overrides configura-
       tions specified in configuration	file.

       --help Shows available options and exits.

	      Specifies	a socket  that	accepts	 connections  from  MTA.  SPEC
	      should be	formatted as one of the	followings:

	      +o	unix:PATH

	      +o	inet:PORT

	      +o	inet:PORT@HOST

	      +o	inet:PORT@[ADDRESS]

	      +o	inet6:POST

	      +o	inet6:PORT@HOST

	      +o	inet6:PORT@[ADDRESS]


	      +o	unix:/var/run/milter/milter-manager.sock

	      +o	inet:10025

	      +o	inet:10025@localhost

	      +o	inet:10025@[]

	      +o	inet6:10025

	      +o	inet6:10025@ip6-localhost

	      +o	inet6:10025@[::1]

	      This option overrides "manager.connection_spec" in configuration

	      Specifies	a directory that includes milter-manager's  configura-
	      tion  file.  milter-manager  tries to load DIRECTORY/milter-man-
	      ager.conf. If it isn't find,  milter-manager  loads  milter-man-
	      ager.conf	in default directory.

	      Saves process ID of milter-manager to FILE.

	      This option overrides "manager.pid_file" in configuration	file.

	      Runs  milter-manager  as	NAME  user.  milter-manager  should be
	      started by root.

	      This option overrides "security.effective_user" in configuration

	      Runs  milter-manager  as	NAME  group.  milter-manager should be
	      started by root.

	      This option overrides "security.effective_group"	in  configura-
	      tion file.

	      Changes  group of	UNIX domain socket for accepting connection by
	      milter-manager to	NAME group. Specified group should be  one  of
	      the effective user's supplementary groups.

	      This  option overrides "manager.unix_socket_group" in configura-
	      tion file.

	      Runs milter-manager as daemon process.

	      This option overrides "manager.daemon" in	configuration file.

	      This option cancels the prior --daemon option.

	      Shows the	current	configuration and exits. The output format can
	      be  used	in  configuration file.	This option is useful for con-
	      firming registered milters and reporting	your  milter-manager's
	      configuration when you report milter-manager's problems.

	      Specifies	 log  output  items. You can specify multiple items by
	      separating items with "|"	like "error|warning|message".

	      See Loglist-Level
	       for available levels.

	      Specifies	log output path. If you	don't specify this option, log
	      output  is the standard output. You can use "-" to output	to the
	      standard output.

	      Uses BACKEND
	       as event	loop backend. Available	values are glib
	       or libev

	      NOTE: For	the sake of improving milter-manager  performance  per
	      process,	 event-driven  model  based  architecture  pattern  is
	      choosed in this software.	If  this  feature  is  implemented  by
	      glib,  it	 is expressed as a callback. Note that glib's callback
	      registration upper limit makes the limitation of the  number  of
	      communications.  This  limitations  exist	 against  glib backend

	      Logs verbosely. Logs by syslog with  "mail".  If	milter-manager
	      isn't daemon process, standard output is also used.

	      "--log-level=all"	option has the same effect.

	      Shows version and	exits.

       The  exit  status  is 0 if milter starts	to listen and non 0 otherwise.
       milter-manager can't start to listen when connection  spec  is  invalid
       format  or  other connection specific problems. e.g. the	port number is
       already used, permission	isn't granted for create  UNIX	domain	socket
       and so on.

	      The default configuration	file.

       Milter-manager processes	the following signals:

       SIGHUP Milter-manager reloads its configuration file.

	      Milter-manager reopenes log file.

       The following example is	good for debugging milter-manager behavior. In
       the case, milter-manager	works in the foreground	and logs are outputted
       to the standard output.
	   % milter-manager --no-daemon	--verbose

       milter-test-server    (1),   milter-test-client	 (1),	milter-perfor-
       mance-check (1),	milter-manager-log-analyzer (1)

milter manager			September 2016		     MILTER-MANAGER(1)


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