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MII(4)		       FreeBSD Kernel Interfaces Manual			MII(4)

     mii -- IEEE 802.3 Media Independent Interface

     acphy* at mii?
     amphy* at mii?
     atphy* at mii?
     bmtphy* at	mii?
     brgphy* at	mii?
     ciphy* at mii?
     dcphy* at mii?
     eephy* at mii?
     etphy* at mii?
     exphy* at mii?
     gentbi* at	mii?
     icsphy* at	mii?
     ipgphy* at	mii?
     inphy* at mii?
     iophy* at mii?
     jmphy* at mii?
     luphy* at mii?
     lxtphy* at	mii?
     mtdphy* at	mii?
     nsgphy* at	mii?
     nsphy* at mii?
     nsphyter* at mii?
     qsphy* at mii?
     rdcphy* at	mii?
     rgephy* at	mii?
     rlphy* at mii?
     sqphy* at mii?
     tlphy* at mii?
     tqphy* at mii?
     txphy* at mii?
     ukphy* at mii?
     urlphy* at	mii?
     xmphy* at mii?

     Media Independent Interface is an IEEE standard serial bus	for connecting
     MACs (network controllers)	to PHYs	(physical media	interfaces).  The mii
     layer allows network device drivers to share support code for various PHY
     models, and allows	unused support for PHYs	which are not present in a
     system to be removed from the kernel.

     Network device drivers which use the mii layer carry the "mii" autocon-
     figuration	attribute.  This allows	kernel configuration files to simply
     specify PHYs as described above in	SYNOPSIS.

     The following is an example of the	messages displayed when	a network in-
     terface with an attached PHY is detected by the kernel:

	   hme0	at sbus0 slot 1	offset 0x8c00000 pri 7:	address	08:00:20:22:86:b8 rev 34
	   nsphy0 at hme0 phy 1: DP83840 10/100	PHY, rev. 1

     ifconfig(8) can be	used to	display	the media types	supported by the PHY.
     These media types are valid media keywords	for use	with the ifconfig(8)

     acphy(4), amphy(4), atphy(4), bmtphy(4), brgphy(4), ciphy(4), dcphy(4),
     eephy(4), etphy(4), exphy(4), gentbi(4), icsphy(4), ifmedia(4), inphy(4),
     intro(4), iophy(4), ipgphy(4), jmphy(4), luphy(4),	lxtphy(4), mtdphy(4),
     netintro(4), nsgphy(4), nsphy(4), nsphyter(4), qsphy(4), rdcphy(4),
     rgephy(4),	rlphy(4), sqphy(4), tlphy(4), tqphy(4),	txphy(4), ukphy(4),
     urlphy(4),	xmphy(4), ifconfig(8)

FreeBSD	13.0		       January 15, 2011			  FreeBSD 13.0


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