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MH-CHART(7)	       Miscellaneous Information Manual		   MH-CHART(7)

       mh-chart	- chart	of nmh commands	and their options

       ali [-help] [-version] [-alias aliasfile] [-list	| -nolist] [-user |
	    -nouser] [aliases ...]

       anno [-help] [-version] [+folder] [msgs]	[-component field] [-inplace |
	    -noinplace]	[-date | -nodate] [-draft] [-append] [-list] [-delete]
	    [-number [num|all]]	[-preserve | -nopreserve] [-text body]

       /usr/local/libexec/nmh/ap [-help] [-version] [-form formatfile] [-for-
	    mat	string]	[-width	columns] addrs ...

       burst [-help] [-version]	[+folder] [msgs] [-inplace | -noinplace]
	    [-mime | -nomime] [-automime] [-quiet | -noquiet] [-verbose	|

       comp [-help] [-version] [+folder] [msg] [-form formfile]	[-use |
	    -nouse] [-file file] [-draftfolder +folder]	[-draftmessage msg]
	    [-nodraftfolder] [-editor editor] [-noedit]	[-width	columns]
	    [-from address] [-to address] [-cc address]	[-fcc +folder] [-sub-
	    ject text] [-whatnowproc program] [-nowhatnowproc] [-build]

       dist [-help] [-version] [+folder] [msg] [-form formfile]	[-annotate |
	    -noannotate] [-inplace | -noinplace] [-draftfolder +folder]
	    [-draftmessage msg]	[-nodraftfolder] [-editor editor] [-noedit]
	    [-width columns] [-from address] [-to address] [-cc	address] [-fcc
	    +folder] [-whatnowproc program] [-nowhatnowproc] [-atfile] [-noat-

       /usr/local/libexec/nmh/dp [-help] [-version] [-form formatfile] [-for-
	    mat	string]	[-width	columns] dates ...

       flist [-help] [-version]	[+folder1 [+folder2 ...]]  [-sequence name1
	    [-sequence name2 ...]]  [-all | -noall] [-showzero | -noshowzero]
	    [-recurse |	-norecurse] [-fast | -nofast] [-alpha |	-noalpha]

       flists is equivalent to flist -all

       /usr/local/libexec/nmh/fmtdump [-help] [-version] [-form	formatfile]
	    [-format string]

       fmttest [-help] [-version] [-form formatfile] [-format formatstring]
	    [-address |	-raw | -date | -message] [-file	| -nofile] [--compo-
	    nent component-text] [-dupaddrs | -nodupaddrs] [-ccme | -noccme]
	    [-outsize size-in-characters] [-width column-width]	[-msgnum num-
	    ber] [-msgcur flag]	[-msgsize size]	[-unseen flag] [-dump |
	    -nodump] [-trace | -notrace] [+folder] [msgs | strings]

       folder [-help] [-version] [+folder] [msg] [-all | -noall] [-create |
	    -nocreate] [-fast |	-nofast] [-header | -noheader] [-recurse |
	    -norecurse]	[-total	| -nototal] [-list | -nolist] [-push | -pop]
	    [-pack | -nopack] [-print] [-verbose | -noverbose]

       folders is equivalent to	folder -all

       forw [-help] [-version] [+folder] [msgs]	[-annotate | -noannotate]
	    [-form formfile] [-format |	-noformat] [-filter filterfile]	[-in-
	    place | -noinplace]	[-mime | -nomime] [-draftfolder	+folder]
	    [-draftmessage msg]	[-nodraftfolder] [-editor editor] [-noedit]
	    [-width columns] [-from address] [-to address] [-cc	address] [-fcc
	    +folder] [-subject text] [-whatnowproc program] [-nowhatnowproc]
	    [-dashstuffing | -nodashstuffing] [-build] [-file msgfile]

       forw [-help] [-version] [+folder] [msgs]	[-digest list] [-issue number]
	    [-volume number] [other switches for forw]

       inc [-help] [-version] [+folder]	[-audit	audit-file] [-noaudit]
	    [-changecur	| -nochangecur]	[-form formfile] [-format string]
	    [-file name] [-silent | -nosilent] [-truncate | -notruncate]
	    [-width columns] [-host hostname] [-port portname/number] [-user
	    username] [-proxy command] [-sasl |	-nosasl] [-saslmech mechanism]
	    [-authservice service] [-initialtls] [-notls] [-certverify | -no-
	    certverify]	[-snoop]

       /usr/local/libexec/nmh/install-mh [-help] [-version] [-auto] [-check]

       mark [-help] [-version] [+folder] [msgs]	[-sequence name	...]  [-add |
	    -delete] [-list] [-public |	-nopublic] [-zero | -nozero]

       /usr/local/libexec/nmh/mkstemp [-help] [-version] [-directory direc-
	    tory] [-prefix prefix] [-suffix suffix]

       mhbuild [-help] [-version] file [-auto |	-noauto] [-list	| -nolist]
	    [-realsize | -norealsize] [-headers	| -noheaders] [-directives |
	    -nodirectives] [-rfc934mode	| -norfc934mode] [-contentid | -nocon-
	    tentid] [-verbose |	-noverbose] [-disposition | -nodisposition]
	    [-check | -nocheck]	[-headerencoding encoding-algorithm  | -auto-
	    headerencoding] [-maxunencoded line-length]	[-dist]

       mhfixmsg	[-help]	[-version] [+folder] [msgs | absolute pathname | -file
	    file] [-decodetext 8bit|7bit|binary	| -nodecodetext] [-decodetypes
	    type/[subtype][,...]]  [-crlflinebreaks | -nocrlflinebreaks]
	    [-textcharset charset | -notextcharset] [-reformat | -noreformat]
	    [-replacetextplain | -noreplacetextplain] [-fixboundary |
	    -nofixboundary] [-fixcte | -nofixcte] [-fixtype mimetype] [-out-
	    file outfile] [-rmmproc program] [-normmproc] [-changecur |
	    -nochangecur] [-verbose | -noverbose]

       mhical [-help] [-version] [-form	formatfile] [-format formatstring]
	    [[-reply accept | decline |	tentative] | -cancel] [-contenttype]
	    [-infile infile] [-outfile outfile]	[-unfold] [-debug]

       /usr/local/libexec/nmh/mhl [-help] [-version] [-bell | -nobell] [-clear
	    | -noclear]	[-folder +folder] [-form formfile] [-length lines]
	    [-width columns] [-moreproc	program] [-nomoreproc] [-fmtproc pro-
	    gram] [-nofmtproc] [files ...]

       mhlist [-help] [-version] [+folder] [msgs] [-file file] [-part number]
	    ...	 [-type	content] ...  [-prefer content]	...  [-noprefer]
	    [-headers |	-noheaders] [-realsize | -norealsize] [-rcache policy]
	    [-wcache policy] [-check | -nocheck] [-changecur | -nochangecur]
	    [-verbose |	-noverbose] [-disposition | -nodisposition]

       mhlogin [-help] [-version] [-user username] [-saslmech mechanism]
	    [-authservice service] [-browser command] [-snoop]

       mhmail [-help] [-version] [-to] addrs ...  [-attach file] [-body	text]
	    [-cc addrs ...]  [-from addr] [-headerfield	name:value] [-subject
	    subject] [-resent] [switches for post ... |	-profile [switches for
	    send ...]]	[-send | -nosend]

       mhmail with no arguments	is equivalent to inc

       mhn [-help] [-version] [+folder]	[msgs] [-file file] [-part number] ...
	    [-type content] ...	 [-show	| -noshow] [-list | -nolist] [-store |
	    -nostore] [-cache |	-nocache] [-headers | -noheaders] [-realsize |
	    -norealsize] [-serialonly |	-noserialonly] [-form formfile]
	    [-pause | -nopause]	[-auto | -noauto] [-rcache policy] [-wcache
	    policy] [-check | -nocheck]

       mhn -build file [-rfc934mode | -norfc934mode]

       mhparam [-help] [-version] [components] [-all] [-component | -nocompo-
	    nent] [-debug]

       mhpath [-help] [-version] [+folder] [msgs]

       mhshow [-help] [-version] [+folder] [msgs] [-file file] [-part number]
	    ...	 [-type	content] ...  [-prefer content]	...  [-noprefer]
	    [-concat | -noconcat] [-textonly | -notextonly] [-inlineonly |
	    -noinlineonly] [-header | -noheader] [-form	formfile] [-markform
	    formfile] [-rcache policy] [-wcache	policy]	[-check	| -nocheck]

       mhstore [-help] [-version] [+folder] [msgs] [-file file]	[-outfile out-
	    file] [-part number] ...  [-type content] ...  [-prefer content]
	    ...	 [-noprefer] [-auto | -noauto] [-clobber always	| auto | suf-
	    fix	| ask |	never] [-rcache	policy]	[-wcache policy] [-check |
	    -nocheck] [-verbose	| -noverbose]

       msgchk [-help] [-version] [-date	| -nodate] [-notify all/mail/nomail ]
	    [-nonotify all/mail/nomail ] [-host	hostname] [-user username]
	    [-sasl | -nosasl] [-saslmech mechanism] [-initialtls] [-notls]
	    [-certverify | -nocertverify] [-authservice	service] [-snoop]
	    [users ... ]

       new [-help] [-version] [sequences] [-mode mode] [-folders foldersfile]

       fnext is	equivalent to new -mode	fnext

       fprev is	equivalent to new -mode	fprev

       unseen is equivalent to new -mode unseen

       next [-help] [-version] [+folder] [-showproc program] [-showmimeproc
	    program] [-header |	-noheader] [-checkmime | -nocheckmime]
	    [switches for showproc or showmimeproc]

       packf [-help] [-version]	[+folder] [msgs] [-file	name] [-mbox] [-mmdf]

       pick [-help] [-version] [+folder] [msgs]	[-reverse ...]	[-and ...]
	    [-or ...]  [-not ...]  [-lbrace ...	 -rbrace] [--component pat-
	    tern] [-cc pattern]	[-date pattern]	[-from pattern]	[-search pat-
	    tern] [-subject pattern] [-to pattern] [-after date] [-before
	    date] [-datefield field] [-sequence	name ...]  [-nosequence]
	    [-public | -nopublic] [-zero | -nozero] [-list | -nolist] [-debug]

       /usr/local/libexec/nmh/post [-help] [-version] [-alias aliasfile]
	    [-filter filterfile] [-nofilter] [-format |	-noformat] [-mime |
	    -nomime] [-msgid | -nomsgid] [-messageid localname | random]
	    [-verbose |	-noverbose] [-watch | -nowatch]	[-width	columns] [-mts
	    smtp | sendmail/smtp | sendmail/pipe] [-sendmail program] [-server
	    servername]	[-port portname/number]	[-sasl]	[-nosasl] [-saslmech
	    mechanism] [-user username]	[-tls] [-initialtls] [-notls] file

       prev [-help] [-version] [+folder] [-showproc program] [-showmimeproc
	    program] [-header |	-noheader] [-checkmime | -nocheckmime]
	    [switches for showproc or showmimeproc]

       prompter	[-help]	[-version] [-erase chr]	[-kill chr] [-prepend |	-no-
	    prepend] [-rapid | -norapid] [-doteof | -nodoteof] file

       /usr/local/libexec/nmh/rcvdist [-help] [-version] [-form	formfile]
	    [switches for postproc] address1 ...

       /usr/local/libexec/nmh/rcvpack [-help] [-version] file [-mbox] [-mmdf]

       /usr/local/libexec/nmh/rcvstore [-help] [-version] [+folder] [-create |
	    -nocreate] [-unseen	| -nounseen] [-zero | -nozero] [-sequence name
	    ...]  [-public | -nopublic]

       /usr/local/libexec/nmh/rcvtty [-help] [-version]	[command] [-form for-
	    matfile] [-format string] [-width columns] [-bell |	-nobell]
	    [-newline |	-nonewline] [-biff]

       refile [-help] [-version] [msgs]	[-draft] [-link	| -nolink] [-preserve
	    | -nopreserve] [-retainsequences | -noretainsequences] [-unlink |
	    -nounlink] [-src +folder] [-file file] [-rmmproc program] [-normm-
	    proc] +folder1 ...

       repl [-help] [-version] [+folder] [msg] [-annotate | -noannotate]
	    [-group | -nogroup]	[-cc all/to/cc/me] [-nocc all/to/cc/me]
	    [-query | -noquery]	[-form formfile] [-format | -noformat] [-fil-
	    ter	filterfile] [-inplace |	-noinplace] [-mime | -nomime] [-fcc
	    +folder] [-width columns] [-draftfolder +folder] [-draftmessage
	    msg] [-nodraftfolder] [-editor editor] [-noedit] [-convertargs
	    type argstring] [-whatnowproc program] [-nowhatnowproc] [-atfile]
	    [-noatfile]	[-fmtproc program] [-nofmtproc]	[-build] [-file	msg-

       rmf [-help] [-version] [+folder]	[-interactive |	-nointeractive]

       rmm [-help] [-version] [+folder]	[msgs] [-unlink	| -nounlink] [-rmmproc
	    program] [-normmproc]

       scan [-help] [-version] [+folder] [msgs]	[-clear	| -noclear] [-form
	    formatfile]	[-format string] [-header | -noheader] [-width col-
	    umns] [-reverse | -noreverse] [-file filename]

       send [-help] [-version] [-alias aliasfile] [-draft] [-draftfolder
	    +folder] [-draftmessage msg] [-nodraftfolder] [-filter filterfile]
	    [-nofilter]	[-format | -noformat] [-forward	| -noforward] [-mime |
	    -nomime] [-msgid | -nomsgid] [-messageid localname | random]
	    [-push | -nopush] [-split seconds] [-verbose | -noverbose] [-watch
	    | -nowatch]	[-mts smtp | sendmail/smtp | sendmail/pipe] [-sendmail
	    program] [-server servername] [-port port-name/number] [-sasl]
	    [-nosasl] [-saslmech mechanism] [-authservice service] [-snoop]
	    [-user username] [-tls] [-initialtls] [-notls] [-certverify] [-no-
	    certverify]	[-width	columns] [file ...]

       sendfiles [-help] [-version] [-compress bzip2 | compress	| gzip | lzma
	    | none]
	    [-from sender] [-delay n | -n]
	    -to	recipient -subject subject | recipient subject
	    file/directory1 [file/directory2 ...]

       show [-help] [-version] [+folder] [msgs]	[-draft] [-showproc program]
	    [-showmimeproc program] [-header | -noheader] [-checkmime |
	    -nocheckmime] [-concat | -noconcat]	[switches for showproc or

       /usr/local/libexec/nmh/slocal [-help] [-version]	[-addr address]	[-info
	    data] [-sender sender] [-user username] [-mailbox mbox] [-file
	    file] [-maildelivery deliveryfile] [-verbose | -noverbose] [-sup-
	    pressdup | -nosuppressdup] [-debug]

       sortm [-help] [-version]	[+folder] [msgs] [-all | -noall] [-datefield
	    field] [-textfield field] [-notextfield] [-limit days] [-nolimit]
	    [-check | -nocheck]	[-verbose | -noverbose]

       whatnow [-help] [-version] [-draftfolder	+folder] [-draftmessage	msg]
	    [-nodraftfolder] [-editor editor] [-noedit]	[-prompt string]

       whom [-help] [-version] [-alias aliasfile] [-check | -nocheck] [-draft-
	    folder +folder] [-draftmessage msg]	[-nodraftfolder] [-mts smtp |
	    sendmail/smtp | sendmail/pipe] [-server servername]	[-port port-
	    name/number] [-sasl] [-saslmech mechanism] [-snoop]	[-user user-
	    name] [-tls] [-initialtls] [-notls]	[file] [-draft]

       nmh(7), mh-mime(7)

nmh-1.7.1			  2020-08-27			   MH-CHART(7)


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