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     ali [-alias aliasfile] [-list] [-nolist] [-normalize]
	  [-nonormalize] [-user] [-nouser] aliases ...	[-help]

     anno [+folder] [msgs] [-component field] [-inplace]
	  [-noinplace] [-date] [-nodate] [-text	body] [-help]

     burst [+folder] [msgs] [-inplace] [-noinplace] [-quiet]
	  [-noquiet] [-verbose]	[-noverbose] [-help]

     comp [+folder] [msg] [-draftfolder	+folder]
	  [-draftmessage msg] [-nodraftfolder] [-editor	editor]
	  [-noedit] [-file file] [-form	formfile] [-use] [-nouse]
	  [-whatnowproc	program] [-nowhatnowproc] [-help]

     dist [+folder] [msg] [-annotate] [-noannotate]
	  [-draftfolder	+folder] [-draftmessage	msg]
	  [-nodraftfolder] [-editor editor] [-noedit]
	  [-form formfile] [-inplace] [-noinplace]
	  [-whatnowproc	program] [-nowhatnowproc] [-help]

     /usr/local/lib/mh/fmtdump [-form formatfile]
	  [-format string] [-help]

     folder [+folder] [msg] [-all] [-fast] [-nofast] [-header]
	  [-noheader] [-pack] [-nopack]	[-recurse] [-norecurse]
	  [-total] [-nototal] [-print] [-noprint] [-list]
	  [-nolist] [-push] [-pop] [-help]


     forw [+folder] [msgs] [-annotate] [-noannotate]
	  [-draftfolder	+folder] [-draftmessage	msg]
	  [-nodraftfolder] [-editor editor] [-noedit]
	  [-filter filterfile] [-form formfile]	[-format]
	  [-noformat] [-inplace] [-noinplace] [-mime] [-nomime]
	  [-whatnowproc	program] [-nowhatnowproc] [-help]

     forw [+folder] [msgs] [-digest list] [-issue number]
	  [-volume number] [other switches for forw] [-help]

     inc [+folder] [-audit audit-file] [-noaudit] [-changecur]
	  [-nochangecur] [-file	name] [-form formatfile]
	  [-format string] [-silent] [-nosilent] [-truncate]
	  [-notruncate]	[-width	columns] [-host	host]
	  [-user user] [-apop] [-noapop] [-rpop] [-norpop]
	  [-pack file] [-nopack] [-help]

     mark [+folder] [msgs] [-sequence name ...]	 [-add]	[-delete]
	  [-list] [-public] [-nopublic]	[-zero]	[-nozero] [-help]

     /usr/local/lib/mh/mhl [-bell] [-nobell] [-clear] [-noclear]
	  [-folder +folder] [-form formfile] [-length lines]
	  [-width columns] [-moreproc program] [-nomoreproc]
	  [files ...]  [-help]

     mhmail [ addrs ...	 [-body	text] [-cc addrs ...]
	  [-from addr] [-subject subject]] [-help]

     mhn [[+folder] [msgs] | [-file file]]
	  [-part number]... [-type content]...
	  [-list [-headers] [-noheaders]
		 [-realsize] [-norealsize]] [-nolist]
	  [-show [-serialonly] [-noserialonly]
		 [-form	formfile] [-pause] [-nopause]] [-noshow]
	  [-store [-auto] [-noauto]] [-nostore]
	  [-cache] [-nocache] [-rcache policy] [-wcache	policy]
	  [-check] [-nocheck]
	  [-ebcdicsafe]	[-noebcdicsafe]
	  [-rfc934mode]	[-norfc934mode]
	  [-verbose] [-noverbose]

     mhparam [profile-components] [-components]	[-nocomponents]
	  [-all] [-help]

     mhpath [+folder] [msgs] [-help]

     msgchk [-date] [-nodate] [-notify all/mail/nomail]
	  [-nonotify all/mail/nomail] [-host host] [-user user]
	  [-apop] [-noapop] [-rpop] [-norpop] [users ...]

     msh [-prompt string] [-scan] [-noscan] [-topcur] [-notopcur]
	  [file] [-help]

     next [+folder] [-header] [-noheader] [-showproc program]
	  [-noshowproc]	[switches for showproc]	[-help]

     packf [+folder] [msgs] [-file name] [-help]

     pick [+folder] [msgs] [-and ...] [-or ...]	[-not ...]
	  [-lbrace ... -rbrace]	[--component pattern]
	  [-after date]	[-before date] [-datefield field]
	  [-sequence name ...]	[-public] [-nopublic] [-zero]
	  [-nozero] [-list] [-nolist] [-help]

     prev [+folder] [-header] [-noheader] [-showproc program]
	  [-noshowproc]	[switches for showproc]	[-help]

     prompter [-erase chr] [-kill chr] [-prepend] [-noprepend]
	  [-rapid] [-norapid] [-doteof]	[-nodoteof] file [-help]

     /usr/local/lib/mh/rcvstore	[+folder] [-create] [-nocreate]
	  [-sequence name ...]	[-public] [-nopublic] [-zero]
	  [-nozero] [-help]

     refile [msgs] [-draft] [-link] [-nolink] [-preserve]
	  [-nopreserve]	[-src +folder] [-file file] +folder ...

     repl [+folder] [msg] [-annotate] [-noannotate]
	  [-cc all/to/cc/me] [-nocc all/to/cc/me]
	  [-draftfolder	+folder] [-draftmessage	msg]
	  [-nodraftfolder] [-editor editor] [-noedit]
	  [-fcc	+folder] [-filter filterfile] [-form formfile]
	  [-inplace] [-noinplace] [-query] [-noquery]
	  [-whatnowproc	program] [-nowhatnowproc]
	  [-width columns] [-help]

     rmf [+folder] [-interactive] [-nointeractive] [-help]

     rmm [+folder] [msgs] [-help]

     scan [+folder] [msgs] [-clear] [-noclear] [-form formatfile]
	  [-format string] [-header] [-noheader] [-width columns]
	  [-reverse] [-noreverse] [-file filename] [-help]

     send [-alias aliasfile] [-draft] [-draftfolder +folder]
	  [-draftmessage msg] [-nodraftfolder]
	  [-filter filterfile] [-nofilter] [-format] [-noformat]
	  [-forward] [-noforward] [-mime] [-nomime] [-msgid]
	  [-nomsgid] [-push] [-nopush] [-split seconds]
	  [-verbose] [-noverbose] [-watch] [-nowatch]
	  [-width columns] [file ...]  [-help]

     show [+folder] [msgs] [-draft] [-header] [-noheader]
	  [-showproc program] [-noshowproc]
	  [switches for	showproc] [-help]

     sortm [+folder] [msgs] [-datefield	field] [-textfield field]
	  [-notextfield] [-limit days] [-nolimit] [-verbose]
	  [-noverbose] [-help]

     vmh [-prompt string] [-vmhproc program] [-novmhproc]
	  [switches for	vmhproc] [-help]

     whatnow [-draftfolder +folder] [-draftmessage msg]
	  [-nodraftfolder] [-editor editor] [-noedit]
	  [-prompt string] [file] [-help]

     whom [-alias aliasfile] [-check] [-nocheck] [-draft]
	  [-draftfolder	+folder] [-draftmessage	msg]
	  [-nodraftfolder] [file] [-help]

     /usr/local/lib/mh/ap [-form formatfile] [-format string]
	  [-normalize] [-nonormalize] [-width columns] addrs ...

     /usr/local/lib/mh/conflict	[-mail name] [-search directory]
	  [aliasfiles ...]  [-help]

     /usr/local/lib/mh/dp [-form formatfile] [-format string]
	  [-width columns] dates ...  [-help]

     /usr/local/lib/mh/install-mh [-auto] [-compat]

     popauth [-init] [-list] [-user name] [-help]

     /usr/local/lib/mh/post [-alias aliasfile]
	  [-filter filterfile] [-nofilter] [-format] [-noformat]
	  [-mime] [-nomime] [-msgid] [-nomsgid]	[-verbose]
	  [-noverbose] [-watch]	[-nowatch] [-width columns] file

     /usr/local/lib/mh/slocal [address info sender]
	  [-addr address] [-info data] [-sender	sender]
	  [-user username] [-mailbox mbox] [-file file]
	  [-maildelivery deliveryfile] [-verbose] [-noverbose]
	  [-debug] [-help]

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