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     ^ali (1)~^- list mail aliases
     ^anno (1)~^- annotate messages
     ^burst (1)~^- explode digests into	messages
     ^comp (1)~^- compose a message
     ^dist (1)~^- redistribute a message to additional addresses
     ^folder (1)~^- set/list current folder/message
     ^folders (1)~^- list all folders
     ^forw (1)~^- forward messages
     ^inc (1)~^- incorporate new mail
     ^mark (1)~^- mark messages
     ^mhl (1)~^- produce formatted listings of MH messages
     ^mhmail (1)~^- send or read mail
     ^mhook (1)~^- MH receive-mail hooks
     ^mhparam (1)~^- print MH profile components
     ^mhpath (1)~^- print full pathnames of MH messages	and folders
     ^msgchk (1)~^- check for messages
     ^msh (1)~^- MH shell (and BBoard reader)
     ^next (1)~^- show the next	message
     ^packf (1)~^- compress a folder into a single file
     ^pick (1)~^- select messages by content
     ^prev (1)~^- show the previous message
     ^prompter (1)~^- prompting	editor front end
     ^rcvstore (1)~^- incorporate new mail asynchronously
     ^refile (1)~^- file messages in other folders
     ^repl (1)~^- reply	to a message
     ^rmf (1)~^- remove	folder
     ^rmm (1)~^- remove	messages
     ^scan (1)~^- produce a one	line per message scan listing
     ^send (1)~^- send a message
     ^show (1)~^- show (list) messages
     ^slocal (1)~^- special local mail delivery
     ^sortm (1)~^- sort	messages
     ^vmh (1)~^- visual	front-end to MH
     ^whatnow (1)~^- prompting front-end for send
     ^whom (1)~^- report to whom a message would go

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