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MGEUPSD(8)	      Linux System Administrator's Manual	    MGEUPSD(8)

       mgeupsd -- monitor a state of MGE Pulsar	UPS connected to RS-232	port.

       /sbin/mgeupsd [options] serial-device

       mgeupsd is a daemon process that	sits in	the background and check state
       of the UPS every	10 (by default)	seconds. As  soon  as  mgeupsd	senses
       that the	power is failing it notifies init(8) and init will execute the
       powerwait and powerfail entries.	If mgeupsd senses that the  power  has
       been  restored,	it  notifies  init  again  and	init  will execute the
       powerokwait entries. If mgeupsd senses that the UPS batteries has  less
       than 20%	of its energy it notifies init again and init will execute the
       powerfailnow entries.

	      turn ups off.

       -q     same as -pwroff.

       -l     use syslog for reporting.	off by default,	but  very  useful  op-

       -i N   set UPS checking interval	to N seconds. Default 10

       -li N  set  to  N interval for reporting	battery	low status. Usually if
	      battery low status reported init must start immediate  shutdown.
	      When  shutdown  started  it  must	 kill mgeupsd.	If mgeupsd not
	      killed during N seconds the low battery status will be  reported
	      again. Default 30

       -s on|off
	      turn power saving	mode on	or off (see UPS	manual for more	infor-
	      mation about power saving	mode)

       -p on|off
	      turn total discharge protection on or off	(see  UPS  manual  for
	      more information about  total discharge protection)

       -t trace_file
	      turn  on	trace  of  UPS<->computer communication	protocol.  Use
	      only  for	 debugging  -  this  produce  a	 huge  output.	 Since
	      trace_file stay opened all time to its remove you	must kill mge-
	      upsd before.

	      Some serial port that is connected to your MGE Pulsar device.

       Since version 0.3 you may use your UPS not only for protecting the com-
       puter,  powered from UPS. You may connect to computer UPS which protect
       any other equipment (f.e. rack-mount modems). For this case  there  are
       some additional options:

       -pwrfile	filename
	      Change  power status filename from default (/etc/powerstatus) to
	      something	else.

       -process	pid
	      Change pid of process to send SIGPWR from	default	(1 - init)  to
	      pid.  mgeupsd check is this process running.

       -run /path/cmd
	      Don't send SIGPWR	at all,	but run	specified program & give power
	      status file as a first argument. Note that program must be spec-
	      ified with full path.

       -swpwr W,B
	      Switch  (turn  off/on) power. Argument W set the time in minutes
	      to wait before turning power back	to on. Argument	B set the time
	      in  seconds  to  wait before turning power off. You may set only
	      one time (f.e. -swpwr W or -swpwr	,B or even -swpwr ,) - in this
	      case  unspecified	 time will be set to 0.	Note that the time be-
	      fore power off must be in	seconds, but the time before power  on
	      -	 in minutes. If	waiting	time for turn UPS back to on set to 0,
	      power will be turned off just about 5 seconds.

       Just because UPS	communicate with macine	through	RS-232 interface  mge-
       upsd  report to syslog if communication with UPS	lost. Mgeupsd will no-
       tify you	about this fact	every minute. When it sees that	the connection
       has been	restored it will say so.

       Well, when you found bug	in this	program	send me	E-mail about this.

       shutdown(8), init(8), inittab(5).

       Stanislav Voronyi,

				 Dec 23, 1998			    MGEUPSD(8)


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