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MEWL(1)			    General Commands Manual		       MEWL(1)

       mewl - Message scanner for Mew 4	or later

       mewl [options] [folder [range]]

       The  mewl  utility  extracts  necessary	fields from messages stored in
       folders.	 This command is necessary for Mew to implement	the  asynchro-
       nous feature.

       The options are as follows:

       -a      Print all necessary fields when picking.

       -b dir  Set the Mail home to dir.

       -c bodylen
	       Set the max body	length to be extracted to bodylen.

       -d field
	       Set the field to	be extracted to	field.

       -e command
	       Specify an external command to fetch mailbox.

       -m options
	       Specify options for command.

       -f fields
	       Specify fields to display.

       -h      Display this help message.

       -i file Set the input stream to file.

       -l length
	       Set  the	 max  field length to be extracted to length.  The de-
	       fault value is 3. 0 means no limit.

       -n      Don't use fstat().

       -p pattern
	       Specify the pick	pattern.

       -s src  Set message source to src : '+folder range'.

       -w      Wait for	stdio input to synchronize.

       -v      Display the version.

       -x suffix
	       Use this	suffix.

	       Definitions of the symbols above	are as follows:

       range   N | [start]-[end] | last:N

       pattern 'key=val' | 'key!=val' |	'!<pattern>' | '(<pattern>)' |	'<pat-
	       tern>&<pattern>'	| '<pattern>|<pattern>'

       If a field is long, only	the beginning three lines are extracted	by de-

				 March 5, 2003			       MEWL(1)


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