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mdraw_per_char_extents(3m17n)	 Version 1.5.5	 mdraw_per_char_extents(3m17n)

       mdraw_per_char_extents -	Obtain per character dimension information.

       void mdraw_per_char_extents (MFrame * frame, MText * mt,	MDrawMetric *
       array_return, MDrawMetric * overall_return)

       Obtain per character dimension information.

       The mdraw_per_char_extents() function computes the text dimension of
       each character in M-text	mt.  The faces given as	text properties	in mt
       and the default face of frame frame determine the fonts to draw the
       text. Each successive element in	array_return is	set to the drawn
       metrics of successive characters, which is relative to the origin of
       the drawing, and	a rectangle for	each character in mt.  The number of
       elements	of array_return	must be	equal to or greater than the number of
       characters in mt.

       If pointer overall_return is not	NULL, this function also computes the
       extents of the overall text and stores the results in the members of
       the structure pointed to	by overall_return.

       Copyright (C) 2001 Information-technology Promotion Agency (IPA)
       Copyright (C) 2001-2009 National	Institute of Advanced Industrial
       Science and Technology (AIST)
       Permission is granted to	copy, distribute and/or	modify this document
       under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License

				  15 Oct 2009	 mdraw_per_char_extents(3m17n)


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