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MDNSCTL(8)		FreeBSD	System Manager's Manual		    MDNSCTL(8)

     mdnsctl --	control	the Multicast Domain Server daemon

     mdnsctl command [argument ...]

     The mdnsctl program controls the mdnsd(8) daemon, it can perform simples
     MDNS lookups, as well as browsing and publishing MDNS/DNS-SD services.

     The following commands are	available:

     lookup [rr-types] host.local
	     Look up resource records for host.local.  The optional rr-types
	     specifies which type of resource record should be looked up. It
	     can be any	combination of the following:

	     -a	  A record (IPv4 Address). This	is the default.
	     -h	  HINFO	record (Host Information).
	     -s	  SRV record (Service).	Unimplemented.
	     -t	  TXT record (Text). Unimplemented.

     rlookup a.b.c.d
	     Reverse lookup an IPv4 address in the a.b.c.d form, use this to
	     obtain the	hostname of the	given address.

     browse [-r] [-s] [application proto]
	     Browse for	application services of	type application for the given
	     transport protocol	proto.	application may	be any application
	     service type, like	http, workstation, ftp,	printer...  proto must
	     be	either tcp or udp. Defaults to all services if none specified.

     publish service-name application proto port text-string
	     Publish services via dns-sd, service-name is the unique chosen
	     name for the service, it can be any string	up to 63 characters.
	     The application is	the application	protocol for the service, like
	     http, ftp...  proto is the	transport protocol, must be either tcp
	     or	udp.  port is the tcp or udp port.  text-string	is the string
	     in	the TXT	record for the given service, it can be	used to	ex-
	     press additional service information.

     proxy service-name	application proto port host address text-string
	     Proxy publish a service running on	a different machine, in	addi-
	     tion to the arguments used	for publish, host is a fully qualified
	     domain name (FQDN)	of the target machine, address is an IPv4 ad-
	     dress for the target machine in the a.b.c.d form.

     /var/run/mdnsctl.sock    UNIX-domain socket used for communication	with

     The following examples demonstrate	some basic uses	of mdnsctl.

     # Lookup a	host A and HINFO record
     mdnsctl lookup -ah	foobar.local

     # Reverse lookup an address
     mdnsctl rlookup

     # Browse up all services in the local network
     mdnsctl browse

     # Browse and resolve all services
     mdnsctl browse -r

     # Browse and resolve all services and output in script-readable format
     mdnsctl browse -rs

     # Browse and resolve all the http services	in the local network
     mdnsctl browse -r http tcp

     # Publish a simple	ftp service
     mdnsctl publish myftp ftp tcp 21 "user=foobar"

     # Proxy publish a https service that has as	the target
     mdnsctl proxy mysite https	tcp 443 "user=foobar"


     mdnsctl is	released under the ISC license.

     The mdnsctl program version 0.1 was released in 13	February 2011.

     Christiano	Farina Haesbaert <>

FreeBSD	13.0			 Apr 19, 2016			  FreeBSD 13.0


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