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MBDYN(1)		    General Commands Manual		      MBDYN(1)

       mbdyn - MultiBody Dynamics analysis system.

       mbdyn  [-E  [exceptions]]  [-e  ] [-f input-file] [-H ] [-h ] [-l ] [-N
       threads-number] [-o output-file-prefix] [-P ] [-p ] [-R	]  [-r	]  [-S
       sleep-time]  [-s	 ]  [-T	 ] [-t ] [-v ] [-W new-working-dir] [-w	] [in-

       mbdyn   is   a	multibody   analysis   tool   released	  under	   GPL
       <>.	 It solves initial value prob-
       lems for	multibody, multidisciplinary systems including,	but  not  lim-
       ited to,	the mechanical and aeroservoelastic fields.

       The most	important and most widely used options are -f to pass the name
       of the input file, and -o to pass the name of the output	file.

       -E, --fp-mask [exception[,exception]]
	      Mask some	floating point exceptions; supported values of	excep-
	      tion are invalid,	divbyzero, overflow.

       -e, --exceptions
	      Do not trap (some) exceptions, to	ease debugging.

       -f, --input-file	 <input-file>
	      Read  model  and	analysis data from file	input-file; default is
	      standard input.  The current working directory  is  set  to  the
	      path  to	input-file  (see  chdir(2)  for	details).  As a	conse-
	      quence, any sub-file included using the include directive	 needs
	      to  be referred to either	with the full path, or relative	to the
	      folder where input-file resides.

       -H, --show-table
	      Shows a list of the symbols defined in the symbol	table  of  the
	      mathematical parser, with	their value.

       -h, --help
	      Displays usage information.

       -l, --license
	      Show licensing info.

       -N <threads-number>
	      Number  of  threads used in multi-threaded simulations (an inte-
	      ger).  When threads-number is auto the number of available cores
	      is auto-detected.

       -o, --output-file  <output-file-prefix>
	      Write  results  to  files	with prefix output-file-prefix (exten-
	      sions are	content-dependent); default is input-file, if any,  or
	      "MBDyn".	 If output-file-prefix is a directory, the output file
	      will have	the name of the	input file, but	it will	be  placed  in
	      that directory.

       -P, --pedantic
	      Issue pedantic warnings (more occurrences	raise the level).

       -p, --parallel
	      Run in parallel mode (only if compiled with MPI).

       -R, --no-redefine
	      Do not allow symbols in the mathematical parser to be redefined.

       -r, --redefine
	      Allow symbols in the mathematical	parser to be redefined;	useful
	      in conjunction with -t.

       -S, --sleep [rank=<r>,]<sleep-time>
	      Sleep sleep-time seconds before starting the  simulation.	  When
	      running in parallel, if sleep-time is prefixed by	rank=_r_, only
	      the process with rank r (0 to number  of	processes  -  1)  will

       -s, --silent
	      Reduce  verbosity	 (more	occurrences reduce the verbosity level

       -T, --no-same-table
	      Do not preserve the existing mathematical	 parser	 symbol	 table
	      when running multiple analyses in	the same run.

       -t, --same-table
	      Preserve the existing mathematical parser	symbol table when run-
	      ning multiple analyses in	the same run (e.g. by issuing multiple
	      input  files  on	the command line).  It may require -r to allow
	      redefinition of symbols.

       -v, --version
	      Show version and exit.

       -W, --working-dir <new-working-dir>
	      Use new-working-dir as working directory instead of the  current

       -w, --warranty
	      Issue a "warranty" message.

       The MBDyn Team <>

       MBDyn  is  developed  and  maintained by	The MBDyn Team <http://www.mb->,  Politecnico	 di   Milano,	Dipartimento   di   Ingegneria
       Aerospaziale <>.

MBDyn 1.7.3							      MBDYN(1)


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