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math(1)				     fish			       math(1)

       math -- Perform mathematics calculations

       math [-sN] EXPRESSION

       math is used to perform mathematical calculations. It is	a very thin
       wrapper for the bc program, which makes it possible to specify an
       expression from the command line	without	using non-standard extensions
       or a pipeline.

       For a description of the	syntax supported by math, see the manual for
       the bc program. Keep in mind that parameter expansion takes place on
       any expressions before they are evaluated. This can be very useful in
       order to	perform	calculations involving shell variables or the output
       of command substitutions, but it	also means that	parenthesis have to be

       The following options are available:

       o -sN Sets the scale of the result. N must be an	integer	and defaults
	 to zero. This simply sets bc's	scale variable to the provided value.
	 Note that you cannot put a space between -s and N.

   Return Values
       If invalid options or no	expression is provided the return status is
       two. If the expression is invalid the return status is three. If	bc
       returns a result	of 0 (literally, not 0.0 or similar variants) the
       return status is	one otherwise it's zero.

       math 1+1	outputs	2.

       math $status-128	outputs	the numerical exit status of the last command
       minus 128.

       math 10 / 6 outputs 1.

       math -s0	10.0 / 6.0 outputs 1.

       math -s3	10 / 6 outputs 1.666.

       Note that the modulo operator (x	% y) is	not well defined for floating
       point arithmetic. The bc	command	produces a nonsensical result rather
       than emit an error and fail in that case. It doesn't matter if the
       arguments are integers; e.g., 10	% 4. You'll still get an incorrect
       result. Do not use the -sN flag with N greater than zero	if you want
       sensible	answers	when using the modulo operator.

Version	2.5.0			Fri Feb	3 2017			       math(1)


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