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MARKDOWN(1)		FreeBSD	General	Commands Manual		   MARKDOWN(1)

     markdown -- text to html conversion tool

     markdown [-d] [-T]	[-V] [-b url-base] [-C prefix] [-F bitmap] [-f flags]
	      [-n] [-o file] [-S] [-s text] [-t	text] [textfile]

     The markdown utility reads	the markdown(7)-formatted textfile (or stdin
     if	not specified,)	compiles it, and writes	the html output	to stdout.

     The options are as	follows:

     -b	url-base
	      Links in source beginning	with / will be prefixed	with url-base
	      in the output.

     -C	      When processing markdown extra-style footnotes, use the given
	      prefix instead of	the default of fn.

     -d	      Instead of writing the html file,	dump a parse tree to stdout.

     -f	flags
	      Set or clear various translation flags.	The flags are in a
	      comma-delimited list, with an optional + (enable), - (disable),
	      or no (disable) lprefix on each flag.

	      links	      Allow links.

	      image	      Allow images.

	      smarty	      Enable smartypants.

	      pants	      Enable smartypants.

	      html	      Allow raw	html.

	      strict	      Disable superscript, strikethrough & relaxed em-

	      ext	      Enable pseudo-protocols.

	      cdata	      Generate code for	xml ![CDATA[...]].

	      superscript     Enable superscript processing.

	      emphasis	      Emphasis happens everywhere.

	      tables	      Don't process PHP	Markdown Extra tables.

	      del	      Enable ~~strikethrough~~.

	      strikethrough   Enable ~~strikethrough~~.

	      toc	      Enable table-of-contents processing.

	      1.0	      Compatibility with MarkdownTest_1.0

	      autolink	      Make a link even without __.

	      safelink	      Paranoid check for link protocol.

	      header	      Process pandoc-style header blocks.

	      tabstop	      Expand tabs to 4 spaces.

	      divquote	      Allow _%class% blocks.

	      alphalist	      Allow alphabetic lists.

	      definitionlist  Allow definition lists at	all (default). Use
			      dldiscount and dlextra to	control	which syntaxes
			      are respected.

	      dldiscount      Enable discount-style definition lists (de-

	      dlextra	      Enable extra-style definition lists (not de-
			      fault). Both styles may be enabled simultane-

	      footnote	      Allow markdown extra-style footnotes.

	      style	      Extract <style> blocks from the output.

	      fencedcode      Allow fenced code	blocks (not default).

	      idanchor	      Use id= anchors for table-of-contents links in-
			      stead of <a name=/> (not default).

	      githubtags      Allow underscore and dash	in passed through ele-
			      ment names (not default).

			      Use url-encoded chars for	multibyte and nonal-
			      phanumeric chars rather than dots	in toc links.

	      As an example, the option	-f nolinks,smarty tells	markdown to
	      not allow	<a tags, and to	do smarty pants	processing.

     -F	bitmap
	      Set translation flags.  Bitmap is	a bit map of the various con-
	      figuration options described in markdown(3) (the flag values are
	      defined in mkdio.h)

     -n	      Don't write generated html.

     -o	file  Write the	generated html to file.

     -S	      output <style> blocks.

     -V	      Show the version#	and compile-time configuration data.

	      If the version includes the string DEBUG,	markdown was config-
	      ured with	memory allocation debugging.

	      If the version includes the string TAB, markdown was configured
	      to use the specified tabstop.

     -VV      Show the version#, the compile-time configuration, and the run-
	      time configuration.

     -t	text  Use mkd_text(3) to format	text instead of	processing stdin with
	      the markdown(3) function.

     -T	      If run with the table-of-content flag on,	dump the table of con-
	      tents before the formatted text.

     -s	text  Use the markdown(3) function to format text.

     The markdown utility exits	0 on success, and >0 if	an error occurs.

     markdown(3), markdown(7), mkd-extensions(7).

     David Parsons (

MASTODON			January	7, 2008			      MASTODON


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