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mapLnArr(3)		     Geography C functions		   mapLnArr(3)

       MapLnArr, MapLnArrCreate, MapLnArrSet, MapLnArrSetDescr,	MapLnArrSetAl-
       loc, MapLnArrAddLine,  MapLnArrGetDescr,	 MapLnArrGetLine,  MapLnArrDe-
       stroy - container for MapLn objects.

       #include	<mapLines.h>
       MapLnArr	MapLnArrCreate(unsigned	nLinesMax);
       void MapLnArrSetAlloc(MapLnArr mapLnArr,	unsigned nLinesMax);
       void MapLnArrDestroy(MapLnArr mapLnArr);
       void MapLnArrSet(MapLnArr mapLnArr, GeoLnArr geoLnArr, GeoProj proj, Rotation rxn);
       void MapLnArrSetDescr(MapLnArr mapLnArr,	CONST char *descr);
       char *MapLnArrGetDescr(MapLnArr mapLnArr);
       void MapLnArrAddLine(MapLn mapLn, MapLnArr mapLnArr);
       void MapLnArrPutLine(MapLn mapLn, MapLnArr mapLnArr);
       MapLn MapLnArrGetLine(MapLnArr mapLnArr,	unsigned n);

       These functions create, manipulate, and access maplinearrays, which are
       arrays of maplines.  Maplines are arrays	of map points.	 See  MapLn(3)
       and  Geography(3)  for information on maplines and map points.  Maplin-
       earrays are represented as objects of type MapLnArr.

       MapLnArrCreate creates and initializes a	maplinearray with storage  for
       up  to nLinesMax	maplines.  It returns the new maplinearray, or NULL if
       it fails.  When no longer needed, the array should be destroyed with  a
       call to MapLnArrDestroy.

       MapLnArrSetAlloc	 sets  the internal allocation for mapLnArr so that it
       can hold	up to nLinesMax	maplines.

       MapLnArrDestroy destroys	mapLnArr, provided its	user  count  is	 zero.
       Returns true if successful.  Returns false if mapLnArr is in use.

       MapLnArrSet  stores the geolinearray geoLnArr, projection proj, and ro-
       tation rxn which	presumably produced mapLnArr.

       MapLnArrSetDescr	sets the descriptor for	mapLnArr to descr.

       MapLnArrGetDescr	returns	the descriptor for mapLnArr.  The return value
       should not be modified by the caller.

       MapLnArrAddLine	adds a copy of mapLn to	the end	of mapLnArr.  It auto-
       matically increases mapLnArr's allocation if necessary.

       MapLnArrPutLine adds mapLn to the end of	 mapLnArr.   It	 automatically
       increases  mapLnArr's allocation	if necessary.  mapLn becomes the prop-
       erty of mapLnArr	and should not be subsequently modified	by the user.

       MapLnArrGetLine get the mapline with index n from mapLnArr.  The	 first
       mapline	in a maplinearray has index 0.	It returns NULL	if n is	out of

       mapLn, mapLn, mapLnArr, geography

       MapLnArr, maplinearray, geography, container

       Gordon Carrie (

Geography			       2			   mapLnArr(3)


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