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MAKESELF(1)		    General Commands Manual		   MAKESELF(1)

       makeself	- An utility to	generate self-extractable archives.

       makeself	[options] archive_dir file_name	label [startup_script] [args]

       This  program  is  a  free  (GPL)  utility  designed to create self-ex-
       tractable archives from a directory.

       The following options are supported.

       -v, --version  Prints out the makeself version number and exits.

       -h, --help     Print out	help information.

       --tar-quietly  Suppress verbose output from the tar command

       --quiet	      Do not print any messages	other than errors

       --gzip	      Compress using gzip (default if detected).

       --bzip2	      Compress using bzip2.

       --pbzip2	      Compress using pbzip2.

       --xz	      Compress using xz.

       --lzo	      Compress using lzop.

       --lz4	      Compress using lz4.

       --compress     Compress using the UNIX 'compress' command.

       --nocomp	      Do not compress the data.

       --complevel lvl
		      Specify	   the	     compression       level	   for
		      gzip,bzip2,pbzui2,xz,lzo or lz4

       --notemp	      The  archive  will create	archive_dir in the current di-
		      rectory and uncompress in	./archive_dir.

       --copy	      Upon extraction, the archive will	first copy itself to a
		      temporary	directory.

       --append	      Append  more  files to an	existing makeself archive. The
		      label and	startup	scripts	will then be ignored.

       --current      Files will be extracted to the current  directory.  Both
		      --current	and --target dir imply --notemp.

       --target	dir   Extract  directly	 to a target directory.	Directory path
		      can be either absolute or	relative.

       --header	file  Specify location of the header script.

       --cleanup file Specify a	cleanup	script that executes on	interrupt  and
		      when finished successfully.

       --follow	      Follow the symlinks in the archive.

       --noprogress   Do not show the progress during the decompression.

       --nox11	      Disable automatic	spawn of an xterm if running in	X11.

       --nowait	      Do not wait for user input after executing embedded pro-
		      gram from	an xterm.

       --nomd5	      Do not create a MD5 checksum for the archive.

       --nocrc	      Do not create a CRC32 checksum for the archive.

       --lsm file     LSM file describing the package.	--packaging-date  date
		      Use provided string as the packaging date	instead	of the
		      current date.

       Here is an example, assuming the	user has a package image stored	 in  a
       /home/joe/mysoft,  and  he  wants to generate a self-extracting package
       named,	which will launch the "setup" script initially	stored
       in /home/joe/mysoft:  /home/joe/mysoft	 "Joe's	Nice Software Package"

       Here is also how	I created the archive which contains  the
       Makeself	distribution: --notemp makeself "Makeself by Stephane	Peter"
       echo "Makeself has extracted itself"

       Makeself	has been written by StA(C)phane	Peter <>.
	 This  man page	was originally written by Bartosz Fenski <>
       for the Debian GNU/Linux	distribution (but it may be used by others).

				     2.4.5			   MAKESELF(1)


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