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MAKE(nged)		     BRL-CAD User Commands		    MAKE(nged)

       make - Creates a	new_shape of the indicated type.

       make [-t] [new_shape type]

       Creates a new_shape of the indicated type. The new_shape	is sized
       according to the	current	view size and is dependent on the type.	The
       possible	values for type	are:

       o   arb8	-- ARB (eight vertices)

       o   arb7	-- ARB (seven vertices).

       o   arb 6 -- ARB	(six vertices).

       o   arb 5 -- ARB	(five vertices).

       o   arb 4 -- ARB	(four vertices).

       o   bot -- Bag of Triangles.

       o   sph -- Ellipsoid (sphere).

       o   ell -- Ellipsoid (ellipsoid of revolution).

       o   ellg	-- Ellipsoid (general ellipsoid).

       o   tor -- Torus.

       o   tgc -- Truncated General Cone (most general TGC).

       o   tec -- Truncated General Cone (truncated elliptical cone).

       o   rec -- Truncated General Cone (right	elliptical cylinder).

       o   trc -- Truncated General Cone (truncated right circular cone).

       o   rcc -- Truncated General Cone (right	circular cylinder).

       o   half	-- Half	Space.

       o   rpc -- Right	Parabolic Cylinder.

       o   rhc -- Right	Hyperbolic Cylinder.

       o   epa -- Elliptical Paraboloid.

       o   ehy -- Elliptical Hyperboloid.

       o   eto -- Elliptical Torus.

       o   part	-- Particle.

       o   nmg -- Non-Manifold Geometry	(an NMG	consisting of a	single vertex
	   is built).

       o   pipe	-- Pipe	(run of	connected pipe or wire).

       o   grip	-- Support for joints.

       o   extrude -- Experimental.

       o   sketch -- Experimental.

       The first example shows the use of the make command to create a sphere
       with a specified	name. The second example shows the use of the make
       command with the	-t argument to generate	a list of shape	types handled
       by make.

       Example 1. Create a sphere having a specified name.

       mged> make shapea sph
	   Creates a sphere named shapea.

       Example 2. Generate a list of shape types handled by make.

       mged>make -t

       Lists the shape types handled by	make.

       BRL-CAD Team

       Reports of bugs or problems should be submitted via electronic mail to
       <>, or via the "" script.

BRL-CAD				  07/08/2017			    MAKE(nged)


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