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MAILESTD.CONF(5)	  FreeBSD File Formats Manual	      MAILESTD.CONF(5)

     mailestd.conf -- mailestd(8) configuration	file

     mailestd.conf is the configuration	file for the mailestd(8) daemon.

     The following options can be set:

     maildir directory
	     The base directory	instead	of the default ${HOME}/Mail.
	     mailestd(8) creates indexes for the mail message in the folders
	     under this	directory and uses some	files under from this direc-

     socket path
	     The UNIX-domain socket for	communication from mailectl(1).	 As
	     the default relateve path .mailestd.sock from the maildir is

     tasks number
	     The number	of tasks allowed to prepare for	indexing paralelly.
	     The default value is "4".	Specifying a large number may improve
	     the peformance, but cosumes the memory resource.  On typical en-
	     vironments, since indexing	the mail messages and putting them
	     into the datbase will be the performance bottle neck, this	vari-
	     able is not so important.

     monitor [disable] [delay delay]
	     The monitor is enabled unless disable is specified.  When the
	     monitor is	enabled, mailestd(8) will start	indexing automatically
	     when changes are made on the folder already indexed.  Specify
	     delay in milli seconds instead of the default value 1500 which
	     the mailestd(8) waits for until it	starts indexing.

	     This option makes mailestd(8) to create a parent message id
	     ("x-mew-parid") attribue in the database, when it finds a message
	     which failed to create the	parent message-id in the normal	way by
	     guessing guessing by the "Subject"	and "Date".

     trim-size size
	     Specify size at which mailestd(8) trims the mail message before
	     creating an index for the message.	 Thd default value is "131072"
	     (128K) bytes.

     suffixes suffix ...
	     The file name suffixes of the mail	messages gathered for index-
	     ing.  The default is "" (none).

     folders folder ...
	     The folder	name patterns mailestd(8) creates index	for.  An shell
	     pattern ("openbsd-*" for example) is usable.  If the folder
	     starts with "", matched folders are ignored.  Folders not matched
	     any are target for	indexing.  The default is "!trash !casket

     log path path
	     The log file path.	 As the	default, the relative path
	     mailestd.log to maildir is	used.

     log rotate	[count count] [size size]
	     The log rotation behaviour.  As the default, "8" for the count
	     and "30720" (30K) bytes are used.

     database path path
	     Thd database directory.  As the default, the relative path	casket
	     is	used.

     debug level debug-level
	     The debug level instead of	the default value "0".

     The current line can be extended over multiple lines using	a backslash
     (`\').  Comments can be put anywhere in the file using a hash mark	(`#'),
     and extend	to the end of the current line.	 Care should be	taken when
     commenting	out multi-line text: the comment is effective until the	end of
     the entire	block.

     Argument names not	beginning with a letter, digit,	or underscore must be

     Additional	configuration files can	be included with the include keyword,
     for example:

	   include "/etc/mailestd.conf"


     ${HOME}/Mail		The default maildir.
     (maildir)/mailestd.conf	The default configuration file name.

FreeBSD	13.0			 April 4, 2015			  FreeBSD 13.0


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