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MAGICUTILS(3)		   Library Functions Manual		 MAGICUTILS(3)

       magicutils - collection of utility procedures in	-lmagicutils

       cc -I~cad/src/magic/include ~cad/src/magic/lib/libmagicutils.a
       cc -I~cad/src/magic/include ~cad/src/magic/lib/libmagictrace.a
       cc -I~cad/src/magic/include -pg ~cad/src/magic/lib/libmagicutils_p.a
       cc -I~cad/src/magic/include -pg ~cad/src/magic/lib/libmagictrace_p.a
       (replace	~cad with the home directory of	the user cad).

       MainExit(code) int code;

       TxError(fmt, va_alist) char *fmt; va_dcl;

       char *TxGetLine(buf, len) char *buf; int	len;

       The  two	 libraries  libmagicutils.a and	libmagictrace.a	include	all of
       the procedures from the utils module used internally by the Magic  lay-
       out system.  The	first library is for normal use; the second library is
       for use with the	tracing	option of the new memory allocator.   See  the
       documentation  on  the  individual pieces of the	library	for details of
       the procedures they contain.

       To use these libraries, you should compile your programs	with the  flag
       -I~cad/src/magic/include	 (to  search  the  Magic include directory for
       needed .h files).  The documentation for	the various pieces of the  li-
       braries lists which .h files are	needed for which procedures.

       Three  default  procedures  are	defined	for the	library	but can	be re-
       placed by your own procedures if	 you  so  wish.	  The  procedures  are
       MainExit,  which	 has the same semantics	as exit(3) but can be replaced
       by your own procedure by	that name to do	additional  cleanup,  TxError,
       which  is  like	fprintf(stderr,	fmt, args),  where args	can be zero or
       more arguments, just as in fprintf(3), and finally TxGetLine, which  is
       like  fgets(buf,	len, stdin).  The library versions of these procedures
       only get	pulled in if you haven't defined them yourself.

       Versions	exist of both libraries	with profiling	(-pg)  enabled;	 these
       are libmagicutils_p.a and libmagictrace_p.a.

       magic(1), dqueue(3), geometry(3), hash(3), heap(3), list(3), malloc(3),
       path(3),	runstats(3), set(3) show(3) stack(3), string(3)

4th Berkeley Distribution					 MAGICUTILS(3)


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