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lxqt-config(1)		     LXQt System Settings		lxqt-config(1)

       lxqt-config - LXQt Settings Center for all related modules and applica-


       This application	is a settings center for all environment  related  ap-
       plications and all config software installed and	registered by the LXQt
       desktop environment.

       LXQt is an advanced, easy-to-use, and fast desktop environment based on
       Qt technologies and ships several core desktop components, all of which
       are optional:

	* Panel
	* Desktop
	* Application launcher
	* Settings center (this)
	* Session handler
	* Polkit handler
	* SSH password access
	* Display manager handler

       These components	perform	actions	like their counterparts	in other desk-
       top environments	and their names	are self-descriptive. They are usually
       not launched manually but automatically,	when an	LXQt session is	chosen
       in the Display Manager.

LXQt Settings Center related applications
       LXQt has	various	config applications:

	* Mouse	settings: (lxqt-config-mouse)
	* Desktop settings: (lxqt-config-desktop)
	* Appereance settings: (lxqt-config-appearance)
	* Session settings: (lxqt-config-session)
	* Notification settings: (lxqt-config-notificationd)

       All  of	this can also be found in Settings or Preferences menu;	please
       consult the respective manpages.

       Report bugs to

       LXQt has	been tailored for users	who value simplicity,  speed,  and  an
       intuitive  interface. LXQt is also intended for less powerful machines.

	* Mouse	settings: lxqt-config-mouse(1)

	* Desktop settings: lxqt-config-desktop(1)

	* Appeareance settings:	lxqt-config-appearance(1)

	* Session settings: lxqt-config-session(1)

	* Notification settings: lxqt-config-notificationd(1)

       This  manual  page  was	created	 by  PICCORO  Lenz  McKAY   _mckayger-
       hard@gmail.com_	for LXQt project and VENENUX GNU/Linux but can be used
       by others.

LXQt 0.7.0			September 2012			lxqt-config(1)

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