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logindevperm(4)			 File Formats		       logindevperm(4)

       logindevperm, fbtab - login-based device	permissions


       The  /etc/logindevperm  file  contains  information that	is used	by lo-
       gin(1) and ttymon(1M) to	change the owner, group,  and  permissions  of
       devices upon logging into or out	of a console device.  By default, this
       file contains lines for the keyboard, mouse, audio,  and	 frame	buffer

       The  owner  of  the  devices  listed in /etc/logindevperm is set	to the
       owner of	the console by login(1). The group of the devices  is  set  to
       the owner's group specified in  /etc/passwd. The	permissions are	set as
       specified in /etc/logindevperm.

       Fields are separated by TAB and/or SPACE	characters.  Blank  lines  and
       comments	 can  appear anywhere in the file; comments start with a hash-
       mark, ` # ', and	continue to the	end of the line.

       The first field specifies the name of a console	device	(for  example,
       /dev/console).  The second field	specifies the permissions to which the
       devices in the device_list field	(third	field)	will  be  set.	A  de-
       vice_list  is  a	 colon-separated  list of device names.	A device entry
       that is a directory name	and ends with "/*" specifies  all  entries  in
       the  directory  (except "." and ".."). For example, "/dev/fbs/*"	speci-
       fies all	frame buffer devices.

       Once the	devices	are owned by the user, their permissions and ownership
       can  be	changed	 using	chmod(1) and chown(1), as with any other user-
       owned file.

       Upon logout the owner and group of these	devices	will be	reset by  tty-
       mon(1M)	to  owner  root	 and root's group as specified in  /etc/passwd
       (typically  other).  The	 permissions  are  set	as  specified  in  the
       /etc/logindevperm file.

	     File that contains	user group information.

       chmod(1), chown(1), login(1), ttymon(1M), passwd(4)

       /etc/logindevperm  provides a superset of the functionality provided by
       /etc/fbtab in SunOS 4.x releases.

SunOS 5.9			16 August 1993		       logindevperm(4)


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