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LOCALE(5)		      File Formats Manual		     LOCALE(5)

       locale -	locale database



       The category directory contains information relating to one category of
       the complete list of categories that comprise a	full  locale  for  all
       systems sharing this directory.	locale is either a file	or a directory
       that contains information relating to the relevant  category  indicated
       by  its parent directory	category.  locale is the name that is given to
       describe	the style of operation required	by an application in a partic-
       ular language, territory	or code-set.

       At  runtime  these  directories will be accessed	if the application has
       made a valid call to:


       where category can be any one of	the following settings:

       LC_COLLATE     Collation	order.	Affects	the behavior  of  regular  ex-
		      pressions	 and  the  string  functions  defined  in str-

       LC_CTYPE	      Character	classification and case	 conversion.   Affects
		      the  behavior  of	 regular expressions and the character
		      handling functions defined in toascii(3),	and ctime(3V).

       LC_MONETARY    Monetary formatting.  Affects the	behavior of  functions
		      that handle monetary values.

       LC_NUMERIC     Numeric  delimiters.  Affects the	radix character	of the
		      formatted	input/output functions defined	in  printf(3V)
		      and  scanf(3V),  and the conversion functions defined in

       LC_TIME	      Date and time formats.  Affects the behavior of the time
		      functions	defined	in ctime(3V).

       LC_MESSAGES    Message presentation style.  Affects the behavior	of the
		      string access functions defined in catgets(3C) and  get-

       NLSPATH	      Contains	  a   sequence	 of   pseudo-pathnames	 which
		      catopen(3C) uses when attempting to locate message cata-
		      logs.   Each  pseudo-pathname  contains  a name template
		      consisting of an optional	path-prefix, one or more  sub-
		      stitution	 fields,  a  filename and an optional filename

       Substitution fields consist of a	% symbol, followed by a	 single-letter
       keyword.	 The following keywords	are currently defined:

	      %N    The	value of the name parameter passed to catopen(3C).

	      %L    The	value of the LANG environment variable.

	      %%    A single % character.

       A  null	string	is  sustituted	if the specified value is not defined.
       Pathnames defined in NLSPATH are	separated by colons (:).  A leading or
       two adjacent colons indicate the	current	directory.  For	example:


       Indicates  to catopen(3C) that it should	look for the requested message
       catalog in name, and /nlslib/$LANG/  The  LC_ALL  and
       LANG  environment variables do not commute to real directories or files
       but instead relate to a locale that is a	assumed	to be valid for	all of
       the above categories.

       catgets(3C), catopen(3C), ctime(3V), gettext(3),	printf(3V), scanf(3V),
       setlocale(3V), strcoll(3) strtod(3), toascii(3V)

				2 February 1990			     LOCALE(5)


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