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LLVM-OBJDUMP(1)		  BSD General Commands Manual	       LLVM-OBJDUMP(1)

     llvm-objdump -- LLVM object file dumper

     llvm-objdump [options] objfile ...

     llvm-objdump prints the contents of object	files and final	linked images
     named on the command line.	 If no file name is specified, llvm-objdump
     will attempt to read from a.out.  If - is used as a file name,
     llvm-objdump will process a file on its standard input stream.
     llvm-objdump accepts many of the same command line	arguments as GNU obj-

   General Options
	     Choose style of NEON code to emit from AArch64 backend.  value
	     may be one	of:

		     Generic NEON assembly

	     apple   Apple-style NEON assembly

	     Choose architecture(s) from a Mach-O file to dump

     --arch-name=ar arch
	     Target arch to disassemble	for.  See --version for	available tar-

     --bind  Display mach-o binding info.

	     Use colored syntax	highlighting.  Default autodetect.

	     Display assembler mnemonics for machine instructions.

	     Display assembler mnemonics for the machine instruction in	all

	     Use file for debug	info.

	     Dump of dwarf debug sections.

	     frames  .debug_frame

	     Display mach-o exported symbols.

	     Display contents of faultmap section.

	     Only print	IR for functions whose name match functions for	all
	     print-[before|after][-all]	options.

	     Print full	leading	address.

     -g	     Print line	information from debug info if available.

     -h, --headers, --section-headers
	     Display summaries of the headers for each section.

     --help  Display available options.	 Use --help-hidden for more.

	     Display mach-o lazy binding info.

	     Display source line numbers with disassembly.  Implies disassem-
	     ble object.

	     Use MachO specific	object file parser.

     --mattr=attribute ...
	     Target specific attributes.

	     Target a specific cpu type.  Use -mcpu=help for details.

	     Print no leading address.

	     Print no leading headers.

	     When disassembling	instructions, do not print the instruction

	     Use hex format for	immediate values.

	     Display only the first format specific file header.

	     Display format specific file headers.

     -r	     Display the relocation entries in the file.

	     Dump the raw binary contents of the clang AST section.

	     Display mach-o rebasing info.

	     Reverse iterate.

     -s	     Display the content of each section.

	     Operate on	the specified sections only.  With --macho dump	seg-

	     Display source inline with	disassembly.  Implies disassmble ob-

	     Disassemble beginning at address.

	     Stop disassembly at address.

     -t	     Display the symbol	table.

	     Target triple to disassemble for.	See --version for available

	     Display unwind information.

	     Display the version of this program.

	     Display mach-o weak binding info.

	     Choose style of code to emit from X86 backend.

	     att     Emit AT&T-style assembly.

	     intel   Emit Intel-style assembly.

   Mach-O Options
     There are a number	of options specific to the Mach-O format.  These are
     used in combination with the --macho option.

	     Print archive headers for Mach-O archives.

	     Print the offset to each archive member for Mach-O	archives.  Re-
	     quires --macho and	--archive-headers.

	     Print the data in code table for Mach-O objects.

	     Disassemble just symbol 's	instructions.

	     Print the shared library's	id for the dylib Mach-O	file.

	     Print the shared libraries	used for linked	Mach-O files.

	     Print indirect symbol table for Mach-O objects.

	     Print the info plist section as strings for Mach-O	objects.

	     Print the linker optimization hints for Mach-O objects.

	     do	not symbolic operands when disassembling.

	     Print the info for	Mach-O objects in non-verbose or numeric form.

	     Print the Objective-C runtime meta	data for Mach-O	files.

	     Print Mach-O universal headers.

BSD			       November	27, 2018			   BSD


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