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llines(1)		    General Commands Manual		     llines(1)

       llines -	LifeLines genealogy program

       llines [OPTION]...
       llines [OPTION]...Database

       llines invokes the LifeLines genealogy program.

       For  up to date documentation please refer to the Documentation section
       of this man page.

       LifeLines is a program to manipulate genealogical information  in  lin-
       eage-linked  GEDCOM  format.  It	has a curses interface,	and a built-in
       interpreter for its own genealogical report language.

       The following options are some of the options available for llines.

       -C     Specify configuration file location.

       -F     Finnish option (only available if	compiled with Finnish flag)

       -I     Specify a	user property (e.g. -ILLEDITOR=gvim)

       -a     Log dynamic memory operation (for	debugging)

       -c     Supply cache values (eg, -ci400,4000f400,4000 sets direct	indi &
	      fam caches to 400, and indirect indi & fam caches	to 4000)

       -d     Developmental/debug mode (signals	are not	caught)

       -f     Force  open  a  database (only for use if	reader/writer count is

       -i     Open database with immutable access (no protection against other
	      access --	for use	on read-only media)

       -k     Always  show  key	values (normally key is	not shown if a REFN is

       -l     Lock (-ly) or unlock (-ln) a database for	use with read only me-
	      dia (access to a locked database is treated as immutable)

       -n     Do not use traditional family rules

       -o     Specify program output filename (eg, -o/tmp/mytests)

       -r     Open  database  with  read-only  access  (protect	 against other
	      writer access)

	      Specify window size (eg, -u120,34	specifies 120  columns	by  34

       -w     Open  database  with  writeable  access  (protecte against other
	      reader or	writer access)

       -x     Execute a	single lifelines report	program	directly

       -z     Use normal ASCII characters for drawing lines in user  interface
	      rather than the vt100 special characters

       -?     Display options summary, (on UNIX	or Linux use the -h option)

       llexec is a version of llines without the user interface	for non-inter-
       active processing of report programs. (Typically	used with the  -x  op-

       dbverify	 is  a utility program to verify Lifelines databases.  For in-
       formation about options,	run dbverify with the -h option.

	      Possible locations for Lifelines	configuration  file  Lifelines
	      looks for	a configuration	file for various settings. See section
	      System And User Properties in the	userguide for details.

       The LifeLines documentation should be installed as part of the  instal-
       lation,	and  may  also	be  viewed  at	the  project site: http://mar-	 Look  for  ll-userguide  and  ll-reportmanual
       (with appropriate extensions for	text, html and pdf formats).  The nor-
       mal installation	process	includes a large number	of sample report  pro-
       grams that you can customize to suit your needs.	 In the	directory con-
       taining these reports you should	find a	file  named  index.html	 which
       gives a very brief summary of each report.

       llexec(1), dbverify(1), btedit(1)

Lifelines 3.1.1			   2016	Mar			     llines(1)


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