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LINEAK_XOSDPLUGIN(1)	    General Commands Manual	  LINEAK_XOSDPLUGIN(1)

       lineak_xosdplugin - On Screen Display plugin for	the lineakd daemon

       LinEAK,	Linux support for Easy Access and Internet Keyboards, features
       X11 support, windowmanager independence,	ability	to configure all  keys
       through GUI or .conf file, volume control and sound controls.

       This plugin contains an interface to the	XOSD display method to provide
       visual feedback when a user presses a key.

       lineakd is the daemon that runs in the background of an X  session  and
       listens to incoming events from multimedia buttons.

       The  xosd  plugin requires the following	to be added to your configura-
       tion file: Display_plugin = xosd

       The plugin also understands the following config	file directives:

       Display_font - This needs to be set to a	font with an X style name. The
       default font is:	-adobe-helvetica-bold-r-normal-*-*-240-*-*-p-*-*-*

       Display_color - This needs to be	set to a numeric color identifier. You
       can get a color identifier from a program like kcolorchooser.  The  de-
       fault color is: 0aff00

       Display_timeout	- This is the amount of	time that the display stays on
       the screen in seconds. The default is 3 seconds.

       Display_pos - This is the horizonal position of the display. Valid val-
       ues are:	top, middle or bottom. The default is bottom.

       Display_align  -	 This  is the vertical alignment of the	display. Valid
       values are: left, center	or right. The default is center.

       Display_hoffset - This is a number in pixels to offset  the  horizontal
       positioning  of	the  display with respect to the Display_pos position.
       The default is 0.

       Display_voffset - This is a number in pixels to offset the vertical po-
       sitioning  of  the display with respect to the Display_align alignment.
       The default is 50.

       Display_soffset - This is a number in pixels to offset the drop shadow-
       ing for the display text. The default is	1.

	      Personal configuration file.

       lineakd(1), lineak_kdeplugins(1), lineak_defaultplugin(1).

       lineak_xosdplugin was written by	Sheldon	Lee-Wen	<>.

			       December	23, 2003	  LINEAK_XOSDPLUGIN(1)


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