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       lightning-waitsendpay - Command for sending a payment via a route

       waitsendpay payment_hash	[timeout] [partid]

       The  waitsendpay	RPC command polls or waits for the status of an	outgo-
       ing payment that	was initiated by a previous sendpay invocation.

       The partid argument must	match that of the sendpay command.

       Optionally the client may provide a timeout, an integer in seconds, for
       this  RPC  command  to return. If the timeout is	provided and the given
       amount of time passes without the payment definitely succeeding or def-
       initely	failing,  this	command	returns	with a 200 error code (payment
       still in	progress). If timeout is not provided this call	will wait  in-

       Indicating  a timeout of	0 effectively makes this call a	pollable query
       of the status of	the payment.

       If the payment completed	with success, this command returns  with  suc-
       cess.  Otherwise,  if  the payment completed with failure, this command
       returns an error.

       On success, an object is	returned, containing:

	      o	     id	(u64): unique ID for this payment attempt

	      o	     payment_hash (hex):  the  hash  of	 the  payment_preimage
		     which will	prove payment (always 64 characters)

	      o	     status  (string):	status	of  the	 payment (always "com-

	      o	     created_at	(u64): the UNIX	timestamp  showing  when  this
		     payment was initiated

	      o	     amount_sent_msat (msat): The amount sent

	      o	     amount_msat  (msat,  optional):  The  amount delivered to
		     destination (if known)

	      o	     destination (pubkey, optional): the final destination  of
		     the payment if known

	      o	     label (string, optional): the label, if given to sendpay

	      o	     partid (u64, optional): the partid, if given to sendpay

	      o	     bolt11 (string, optional):	the bolt11 string (if pay sup-
		     plied one)

	      o	     bolt12 (string, optional):	the bolt12 string (if supplied
		     for pay: experimental-offers only).

       If status is "complete":

	      o	     payment_preimage  (hex):  the proof of payment: SHA256 of
		     this payment_hash (always 64 characters)

       On error, and even if the error occurred	from a node other than the fi-
       nal destination,	the route table	will no	longer be updated. Use the ex-
       clude parameter of the getroute command to ignore the failing route.

       The following error codes may occur:

	      o	     -1: Catchall nonspecific error.

	      o	     200: Timed	out before the payment could complete.

	      o	     202: Unparseable onion reply. The data field of the error
		     will  have	 an onionreply field, a	hex string representa-
		     tion of the raw onion reply.

	      o	     203: Permanent failure at destination. The	data field  of
		     the error will be routing failure object.

	      o	     204:  Failure  along  route; retry	a different route. The
		     data field	of the error will be routing failure object.

	      o	     208: A payment for	payment_hash was never made and	 there
		     is	nothing	to wait	for.

	      o	     209: The payment already failed, but the reason for fail-
		     ure was not stored. This should only occur	when  querying
		     failed payments on	very old databases.

       A routing failure object	has the	fields below:

	      o	     erring_index:  The	index of the node along	the route that
		     reported the error. 0 for the local node, 1 for the first
		     hop, and so on.

	      o	     erring_node:  The hex string of the pubkey	id of the node
		     that reported the error.

	      o	     erring_channel: The short channel ID of the channel  that
		     has  the  error  (or the final channel if the destination
		     raised the	error).

	      o	     erring_direction:	The  direction	 of   traversing   the

	      o	     failcode: The failure code, as per	BOLT #4.

	      o	     failcodename:  The	 human-readable	 name corresponding to
		     failcode, if known.

       ZmnSCPxj> is mainly responsible.

       lightning-sendpay(7), lightning-pay(7).

       Main web	site:



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