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       lightning-fundchannel - Command for establishing	a lightning channel

       fundchannel  id amount [feerate announce] [minconf] [utxos] [push_msat]

       The fundchannel RPC command opens a payment channel with	a peer by com-
       mitting	a funding transaction to the blockchain	as defined in BOLT #2.
       If not already connected, fundchannel  will  automatically  attempt  to
       connect	if  C-lightning	 knows	a way to contact the node (either from
       normal gossip, or from a	previous connect call).	 This  auto-connection
       can  fail  if C-lightning does not know how to contact the target node;
       see lightning-connect(7).  Once the transaction	is  confirmed,	normal
       channel	operations  may	begin. Readiness is indicated by listpeers re-
       porting a state of CHANNELD_NORMAL for the channel.

       id is the peer id obtained from connect.

       amount is the amount in satoshis	taken from the internal	wallet to fund
       the  channel. The string	all can	be used	to specify all available funds
       (or 16777215 satoshi if more is available and large channels  were  not
       negotiated  with	 the  peer). Otherwise,	it is in satoshi precision; it
       can be a	whole number, a	whole number ending in	sat,  a	 whole	number
       ending  in  000msat,  or	 a number with 1 to 8 decimal places ending in
       btc. The	value cannot be	less than the dust  limit,  currently  set  to
       546, nor	more than 16777215 satoshi (unless large channels were negoti-
       ated with the peer).

       feerate is an optional feerate used for the opening transaction and  as
       initial	feerate	for commitment and HTLC	transactions. It can be	one of
       the strings urgent (aim for next	block),	normal (next 4 blocks  or  so)
       or slow (next 100 blocks	or so) to use lightningdas internal estimates:
       normal is the default.

       Otherwise, feerate is a number, with an optional	 suffix:  perkw	 means
       the  number  is interpreted as satoshi-per-kilosipa (weight), and perkb
       means it	is interpreted bitcoind-style as  satoshi-per-kilobyte.	 Omit-
       ting the	suffix is equivalent to	perkb.

       announce	 is  an	 optional  flag	that triggers whether to announce this
       channel or not. Defaults	to true. An unannounced	channel	is  considered

       minconf specifies the minimum number of confirmations that used outputs
       should have. Default is 1.

       utxos specifies the utxos to be used to fund the	channel, as  an	 array
       of "txid:vout".

       push_msat is the	amount of millisatoshis	to push	to the channel peer at
       open. Note that this is a gift to the peer -- these satoshis are	 added
       to the initial balance of the peer at channel start and are largely un-
       recoverable once	pushed.

       close_to	is a Bitcoin address to	which the channel funds	should be sent
       to  on  close.  Only  valid  if	both  peers have negotiated option_up-
       front_shutdown_script.  Returns close_to	set to closing script  iff  is

       On  success, the	tx and txid of the transaction is returned, as well as
       the outnum indicating the output	index which creates  the  channel,  as
       well as the channel_id of the newly created channel. On failure,	an er-
       ror is reported and the channel is not funded.

       If a close_to address was provided, will	close to this address iff  the
       close_to	 script	 is returned in	the response. Otherwise, the peer does
       not support option_upfront_shutdownscript.

       The following error codes may occur:

	      o	     -1: Catchall nonspecific error.

	      o	     300: The maximum allowed funding amount is	exceeded.

	      o	     301: There	are not	enough funds in	 the  internal	wallet
		     (including	fees) to create	the transaction.

	      o	     302: The output amount is too small, and would be consid-
		     ered dust.

	      o	     303: Broadcasting of the funding transaction failed,  the
		     internal call to bitcoin-cli returned with	an error.

       Failure may also	occur if lightningd and	the peer cannot	agree on chan-
       nel parameters (funding limits, channel reserves, fees, etc.).

       lightning-connect(7),  lightning-listfunds(),   lightning-listpeers(7),
       lightning-feerates(7), lightning-multifundchannel(7)

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