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LIGHTNING-FEERATES(7)	      lightning-feerates	 LIGHTNING-FEERATES(7)

       lightning-feerates - Command for	querying recommended onchain feerates

       feerates	style

       The  feerates  command  returns the feerates that C-lightning will use.
       The feerates will be based on the recommended feerates from  the	 back-
       end.   The backend may fail to provide estimates, but if	it was able to
       provide estimates in the	past, C-lightning will continue	to  use	 those
       for  a  while.  C-lightning will	also smoothen feerate estimations from
       the backend.

       style is	either of the two strings:

	      o	     perkw - provide feerate in	units  of  satoshis  per  1000

	      o	     perkb  -  provide	feerate	 in units of satoshis per 1000
		     virtual bytes.

       Bitcoin transactions have non-witness and witness bytes:

	      o	     Non-witness bytes count as	4 weight, 1 virtual byte.  All
		     bytes  other  than	 SegWit	 witness  count	as non-witness

	      o	     Witness bytes count as 1 weight, 0.25 virtual bytes.

       Thus, all perkb feerates	will be	exactly	4 times	perkw feerates.

       To compute the fee for a	transaction, multiply its  weight  or  virtual
       bytes  by  the appropriate perkw	or perkw feerate returned by this com-
       mand, then divide by 1000.

       There is	currently no way to change these feerates from	the  RPC.   If
       you need	custom control over onchain feerates, you will need to provide
       your own	plugin that replaces the bcli plugin  backend.	 For  commands
       like  lightning-withdraw(7) or lightning-fundchannel(7) you can provide
       a preferred feerate directly as a parameter, which  will	 override  the
       recommended feerates returned by	feerates.

       The  feerates  command returns the feerates in an object	named perkw or
       perkb, depending	on your	style parameter.

       Some of these estimations may be	missing, except	for min_acceptable and
       max_acceptable, which are always	present.

       The perkw or perkb object may have fields containing the	estimates:

	      o	     opening  -	feerate	used for channel opening by lightning-
		     fundchannel(7),  as  well	as  normal  onchain-to-onchain
		     spends  by	 lightning-withdraw(7).	  In  general, for all
		     normal onchain-to-onchain spends, this is the feerate you
		     should also use.

	      o	     mutual_close  - the starting feerate used in mutual close
		     negotiation.  Note	that since mutual close	is a  negotia-
		     tion,  the	 actual	 feerate  used in mutual close will be
		     somewhere between this and	the corresponding mutual close
		     feerate of	the peer.

	      o	     unilateral_close  -  the  feerate	we will	pay for	when a
		     unilateral	close is  done	on  a  channel	we  originally
		     funded.   When  anchor  commitments are implemented, this
		     will be the feerate we will use for a unilateral close we

	      o	     delayed_to_us - the feerate we will use when claiming our
		     output from a unilateral close we initiated.

	      o	     htlc_resolution - the feerate we will use to claim	 HTLCs
		     from a unilateral close we	initiated.

	      o	     penalty - the feerate we will use to revoke old state, if
		     the counterparty attempts to cheat	us.

       The following fields are	always present in the perkw or perkb object:

	      o	     min_acceptable - the smallest feerate that	you  can  use,
		     usually the minimum relayed feerate of the	backend.

	      o	     max_acceptable  - the largest feerate we will accept from
		     remote negotiations.  If a	peer attempts to open a	 chan-
		     nel  to  us  but  wants a unilateral close	feerate	larger
		     than max_acceptable, we reject the	open attempt.  If  the
		     peer attempts to change the unilateral close feerate of a
		     channel it	opened to us, such that	the  new  feerate  ex-
		     ceeds  max_acceptable,  we	unilaterally close the channel
		     (at the current unilateral	close feerate instead  of  the
		     new one).

       The feerates command will never error, however some fields may be miss-
       ing in the result if feerate estimates for that kind of transaction are

       Many  other commands have a feerate parameter, which can	be the strings
       urgent, normal, or slow.	 These are mapped to the feerates outputs as:

	      o	     urgent - equal to unilateral_close

	      o	     normal - equal to opening

	      o	     slow - equal to min_acceptable.

       In C-lightning we like to call the  weight  unit	 "sipa"	 in  honor  of
       Pieter  Wuille,	who uses the name "sipa" on IRC	and elsewhere.	Inter-
       nally we	call the perkw style as	"feerate per kilosipa".

       ZmnSCPxj	< > wrote the initial version of  this

       lightning-fundchannel(7),    lightning-withdraw(7),    lightning-txpre-
       pare(7),	lightning-fundchannel_start(7).

       Main web	site:



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