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LIBPROCSTAT(3)		 BSD Library Functions Manual		LIBPROCSTAT(3)

     procstat_open_kvm,	procstat_open_sysctl, procstat_close,
     procstat_getfiles,	procstat_getprocs, procstat_freefiles,
     procstat_freeprocs, procstat_get_pipe_info, procstat_get_pts_info,
     procstat_get_socket_info, procstat_get_vnode_info -- library interface
     for file and process information retrieval

     library "libprocstat"

     #include <sys/param.h>
     #include <sys/queue.h>
     #include <libprocstat.h>

     procstat_close(struct procstat *procstat);

     procstat_freefiles(struct procstat	*procstat,
	 struct	filestat_list *head);

     procstat_freeprocs(struct procstat	*procstat, struct kinfo_proc *p);

     procstat_get_pipe_info(struct procstat *procstat, struct filestat *fst,
	 struct	pipestat *pipe,	char *errbuf);

     procstat_get_pts_info(struct procstat *procstat, struct filestat *fst,
	 struct	ptsstat	*pts, char *errbuf);

     procstat_get_socket_info(struct procstat *procstat, struct	filestat *fst,
	 struct	sockstat *sock,	char *errbuf);

     procstat_get_vnode_info(struct procstat *procstat,	struct filestat	*fst,
	 struct	vnstat *vn, char *errbuf);

     struct filestat_list *
     procstat_getfiles(struct procstat *procstat, struct kinfo_proc *kp,
	 int mmapped);

     struct kinfo_proc *
     procstat_getprocs(struct procstat *procstat, int what, int	arg,
	 unsigned int *count);

     struct procstat *
     procstat_open_kvm(const char *nlistf, const char *memf);

     struct procstat *

     The libprocstat library contains the API for runtime file and process in-
     formation retrieval from the running kernel via the sysctl(3) library
     backend, and for post-mortem analysis via the kvm(3) library backend.

     The procstat_open_kvm() and procstat_open_sysctl()	functions use the
     kvm(3) or sysctl(3) library routines, respectively, to access kernel
     state information used to retrieve	processes and files states.  The
     nlistf argument is	the executable image of	the kernel being examined.  If
     this argument is NULL, the	currently running kernel is assumed.  The memf
     argument is the kernel memory device file.	 If this argument is NULL,
     then /dev/mem is assumed.	See kvm_open(3)	for more details.  Both	func-
     tions dynamically allocate	and return a procstat structure	pointer	used
     in	the rest of the	libprocstat library routines until the corresponding
     procstat_close() call that	cleans up the resources	allocated by the
     procstat_open_*() functions.

     The procstat_getprocs() function gets a pointer to	the procstat structure
     from one of the procstat_open_*() functions and returns a dynamically al-
     located (sub-)set of active processes in the kernel filled	in to array of
     kinfo_proc	structures.  The what and arg arguments	constitute a filtering
     predicate as described in the kvm_getprocs(3) function.  The number of
     processes found is	returned in the	reference parameter cnt.  The caller
     is	responsible to free the	allocated memory with a	subsequent
     procstat_freeprocs() function call.

     The procstat_getfiles() function gets a pointer to	the procstat structure
     initialized with one of the procstat_open_*() functions, a	pointer	to
     kinfo_proc	structure from the array obtained from the kvm_getprocs()
     function, and returns a dynamically allocated linked list of filled in
     filestat_list structures using the	STAILQ macros defined in queue(3).
     The caller	is responsible to free the allocated memory with a subsequent
     procstat_freefiles() function call.

     The procstat_get_pipe_info(), procstat_get_pts_info(),
     procstat_get_socket_info()	and procstat_get_vnode_info() functions	are
     used to retrive information about pipes, pseudo-terminals,	sockets, and
     vnodes, respectively.  Each of them have a	similar	interface API.	The
     procstat argument is a pointer obtained from one of procstat_open_*()
     functions.	 The filestat fst argument is an element of STAILQ linked list
     as	obtained from the procstat_getfiles() function.	 The filestat struc-
     ture contains a fs_type field that	specifies a file type and a corre-
     sponding function to be called among the procstat_get_*_info function
     family.  The actual object	is returned in the 3rd reference parameter.
     The errbuf	argument indicates an actual error message in case of failure.

	   PS_FST_TYPE_FIFO	 procstat_get_vnode_info
	   PS_FST_TYPE_VNODE	 procstat_get_vnode_info
	   PS_FST_TYPE_SOCKET	 procstat_get_socket_info
	   PS_FST_TYPE_PIPE	 procstat_get_pipe_info
	   PS_FST_TYPE_PTS	 procstat_get_pts_info

     fstat(1), fuser(1), pipe(2), socket(2), kvm(3), queue(3), sysctl(3),
     pts(4), vnode(9)

     The libprocstat library appeared in FreeBSD 9.0.

     The libprocstat library was written by Stanislav Sedov

     This manual page was written by Sergey Kandaurov <>.

BSD				 July 12, 2011				   BSD


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