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LGE(4)		       FreeBSD Kernel Interfaces Manual			LGE(4)

     lge -- Level 1 LXT1001 NetCellerator PCI Gigabit Ethernet adapter driver

     To	compile	support	for the
     lge driver	into your kernel, place	the following lines in your kernel
	 configuration file:

	   device miibus
	   device lge

	 Alternatively,	to load	the
     lge driver	at boot	time, place the	following line in loader.conf(5):


     The lge driver provides support for various NICs based on the Level 1
     LXT1001 NetCellerator Gigabit Ethernet controller chip.

     The LXT1001 supports fiber	PHYs and also a	GMII port for use with
     10/100/1000 copper	PHYs, however there are	currently no NICs on the mar-
     ket that use this feature.

     The LXT1001 supports TCP/IP checksum offload for receive and VLAN-based
     filtering as well as a 64-bit multicast hash filter.  It also supports
     jumbo frames, which can be	configured via the interface MTU setting.
     Selecting an MTU larger than 1500 bytes with the ifconfig(8) utility con-
     figures the adapter to receive and	transmit jumbo frames.	Using jumbo
     frames can	greatly	improve	performance for	certain	tasks, such as file
     transfers and data	streaming.

     The lge driver supports the following media types:

     autoselect	 Enable	autoselection of the media type	and options.  The user
		 can manually override the autoselected	mode by	adding media
		 options to rc.conf(5).

     1000baseSX	 Set 1000baseSX	operation over fiber optic cable.  Both
		 full-duplex and half-duplex modes are supported.

     The lge driver supports the following media options:

     full-duplex  Force	full duplex operation.

     half-duplex  Force	half duplex operation.

     For more information on configuring this device, see ifconfig(8).

     Adapters supported	by the lge driver include:

     +o	 SMC TigerCard 1000 (SMC9462SX)
     +o	 D-Link	DGE-500SX

     lge%d: couldn't map memory	 A fatal initialization	error has occurred.

     lge%d: couldn't map ports	A fatal	initialization error has occurred.

     lge%d: couldn't map interrupt  A fatal initialization error has occurred.

     lge%d: no memory for softc	struct!	 The driver failed to allocate memory
     for per-device instance information during	initialization.

     lge%d: failed to enable memory mapping!  The driver failed	to initialize
     PCI shared	memory mapping.	 This might happen if the card is not in a
     bus-master	slot.

     lge%d: no memory for jumbo	buffers!  The driver failed to allocate	memory
     for jumbo frames during initialization.

     lge%d: watchdog timeout  The device has stopped responding	to the net-
     work, or there is a problem with the network connection (cable).

     arp(4), miibus(4),	netintro(4), ng_ether(4), ifconfig(8)

     Level 1 LXT1001 Programming Manual,

     The lge device driver first appeared in FreeBSD 4.4.

     The lge driver was	written	by Bill	Paul <>.

FreeBSD	6.0			 July 16, 2005			   FreeBSD 6.0


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