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lepton-cli(1)			 lepton-cli(1)

       lepton-cli - Lepton EDA Command-Line Utility

       lepton-cli [OPTION ...] COMMAND [ARGS ...]

       lepton-cli  is  part  of	 the Lepton EDA	(Electronic Design Automation)
       toolset.	 It provides a number  of  small  command-line	utilities  for
       working with schematic and symbol files,	and is designed	to be used for
       batch processing	of designs created using the schematic editor  lepton-
       schematic(1).  It currently has three built-in COMMANDs:

       lepton-cli  export  is  used  to	create SVG, PDF, PNG, PS and EPS files
       from schematic and symbol files,	for printing  or  embedding  in	 other

       lepton-cli  config  allows  reading  and	writing	settings in Lepton EDA
       project,	user and system	configuration stores.

       lepton-cli shell	provides a Scheme REPL for command-line	batch process-
       ing of schematic	data.

	       Prevent `gafrc' Scheme initialisation files from	being loaded.

       -h, --help
	       Print a help message.

       -V, --version
	       Print lepton-cli	version	information.

       lepton-cli export [OPTION ...] -o OUTPUT	[--] FILE ...

       lepton-cli export can export schematic and symbol files in a variety of
       image formats for printing or further processing.   It  currently  sup-
       ports  single-page  PNG,	 SVG and EPS output, and multi-page PS and PDF
       output.	It accepts a variety of	options	for controlling	how the	output
       is formatted.

       -o, --output=FILE
	       Output generated	image data to FILE.

       -f, --format=(png | pdf | svg | ps | eps)
	       Specify	an  output  format.   Usually,	this option is not re-
	       quired, because lepton-cli export will infer the	correct	format
	       from the	file extension of the output file.

       -p, --paper=NAME
	       Size  the  output for a particular paper	size.  The NAME	should
	       be a PWG	5101.1-2002 paper name.	 For example, valid values in-
	       clude `iso_a4', `na_letter', or `na_d'.

       -P, --paper-names
	       Print  paper  size names	suitable to pass to the	--paper	option
	       and exit.

       -l, --layout=(auto | landscape |	portrait)
	       When using a paper size,	set the	orientation of the output.  If
	       `auto' layout is	used, the orientation that best	fits the draw-
	       ing will	be used.

       -s, --size=(auto	| WIDTH:HEIGHT)
	       Size the	output with  specific  dimensions.   If	 the  size  is
	       `auto', select the size that best fits the drawing.

       -k, --scale=FACTOR Set the output scale
	       FACTOR. This is a distance identical with 100 points (1 default
	       grid spacing) in	lepton-schematic(1) coordinate	space.	It  is
	       used  to	 size  the  output when	neither	--paper	nor --size are
	       given, and defaults to 100 mil.

       -m, --margins=(auto | TOP[:LEFT[:BOTTOM[:RIGHT]]])
	       Set the widths of the margins to	be used.   If  `auto'  margins
	       are  specified, a sensible default value	will be	chosen.	 Up to
	       four margin widths can be provided.  If	one  is	 provided,  it
	       will be used on all four	sides.	If two are provided, the first
	       will be	used  for  the	top/bottom  and	 the  second  for  the
	       left/right.   If	three are provided, the	first will be used for
	       the top,	the second for left/right, and the third for the  bot-

       -a, --align=(auto | HALIGN:VALIGN)
	       Set  how	 the  drawing is aligned within	the page.  HALIGN con-
	       trols the horizontal alignment, and VALIGN the vertical.	  Each
	       alignment  value	should be in the range 0.0 to 1.0.  The	`auto'
	       alignment is equivalent to a value of `0.5:0.5',	i.e. centered.

       -d, --dpi=DPI
	       Set the number of pixels	per inch used when generating PNG out-

       -c, --color
	       Enable colour output.

	       Disable color output.

       -F, --font=FONT-FAMILY
	       Set the font to be used for drawing text.

       --      Treat all remaining arguments as	schematic or symbol filenames.
	       Use this	if you have a schematic	or symbol filename  which  be-
	       gins with `-'.

       The --size, --margins, or --scale options described above accept	values
       using units of `mm', `cm', `in',	`pc', `px', or `pt'.  If  you  do  not
       provide a unit, points are assumed.  N.b. that `px' are evaluated rela-
       tive to the current --dpi setting.

       When using the --size, --margins, or --align options with multiple val-
       ues,  you  may  use  `;', or ` '	as a separator between them instead of
       `:'. In such a case, remember to	properly quote your arguments to avoid
       them to be interpreted by your shell.

       lepton-cli config [OPTION] [GROUP KEY [VALUE]]

       lepton-cli  config is a basic utility for inspecting and	modifying Lep-
       ton EDA configuration stores.

       If a GROUP and KEY are specified, retrieves the value of	that  configu-
       ration  parameter.  If a	VALUE is specified, sets the value of that pa-
       rameter.	 The -p, -u and	-s options can be used to select the  configu-
       ration  store affected (by default, the project configuration store for
       the current working directory).	If no GROUP and	KEY are	provided, out-
       puts the	filename of the	selected configuration store.

       -p, --project[=PATH]
	       Select  the  project configuration store	of the project located
	       in PATH.	 If no PATH is provided, selects the  project  in  the
	       current working directory.

       -u, --user
	       Select the user configuration store.

       -s, --system
	       Select  the system configuration	store.	Depending on user per-
	       missions, the system configuration store	may be read-only.

       -c, --cache
	       Select the program-specific configuration store (CACHE configu-
	       ration	context,   associated	with   $XDG_CACHE_HOME/lepton-
	       eda/gui.conf configuration file).

       lepton-cli shell	[OPTION	...]

       lepton-cli shell	provides a Scheme Read-Eval-Print Loop (REPL) for  au-
       tomating	 processing  of	schematic and symbol files.  It	is designed to
       be used with the	Lepton EDA Scheme API.

       -s FILE Evaluate	Scheme source code from	FILE, and exit.

       -c EXPR Evaluate	the Scheme expression EXPR, and	exit.

       --      Stop scanning arguments;	run interactively.

	       Prepend DIRECTORY to the	list of	directories to be searched for
	       Scheme files.

       -l FILE Evaluate	Scheme source code from	FILE.

       The  -s,	 -c  and -- switches stop argument processing and pass all the
       remaining arguments as the value	of `(command-line)'.

       See the `AUTHORS' file included with this program.

       Copyright (C) 2012-2017 gEDA Contributors.
       Copyright (C) 2017-2020 Lepton Developers.
       License GPLv2+: GNU GPL version 2 or later. Please see the `COPYING'
       file included with this program for full	details.

       This is free software: you are free to change and redistribute it.
       There is	NO WARRANTY, to	the extent permitted by	law.


       For more	information on the Scheme API, see the	lepton-scheme  Texinfo
       manual.	 If  the  info program is properly installed at	your site, the

	      info lepton-scheme

       should give you access to the complete manual.

Lepton EDA		       December	4, 2020			 lepton-cli(1)


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