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LEOCAD(1)		    General Commands Manual		     LEOCAD(1)

       LeoCAD -	CAD program for	LEGO models.

       leocad [	infile [ -i [ outfile.ext ] [-w	x] [-h y] ] ] [-l path]

       LeoCAD	is  a  CAD program for creating	virtual	LEGO models. It	has an
       easy to use interface and includes thousands of different parts in  its

       Below  is a summary of all of the options that LeoCAD accepts. Most op-
       tions have two equivalent names,	one of which is	a single  letter  pre-
       ceded  by  -,  and  the	other  of which	is a long name preceded	by --.
       Brackets	([ and ]) indicate that	an option takes	an optional argument.

       infile Loads the	project	file infile

       -i [outfile.ext]
       --image [outfile.ext]
	      Saves a picture to outfile.ext  in the image format specified by
	      ext and exits. If	outfile	is not given then the program will use
	      a	name based on infile. The file format is selected by  ext  and
	      can  be gif, bmp,	png or jpg (if ext is not present then the de-
	      fault preferences	format will be used).

       -w width
       --width width
	      Sets the width of	the picture to width.

       -h height
       --height	height
	      Sets the height of the picture to	height.

       -f time
       --from time
	      Start saving pictures at the step	time.

       -t time
       --to time
	      Save pictures until the step time.

       -m model
       --model model
	      Sets the active submodel to model.

       -c camera
       --camera	camera
	      Sets the active camera to	camera.

       --viewpoint front back left right top bottom home
	      Sets the viewpoint to one	of the predefined angles.

	      Use an orthographic projection.

	      Adds a border around the pieces in the  step  they  appear  when
	      saving pictures.

       -l path
       --libpath path
	      Use  alternate  parts library found in path .  The Linux version
	      of LeoCAD	uses /usr/share/leocad/	as the default.

       -obj [outfile.obj]
	      Exports the model	to wavefront format.

       -3ds [outfile.3ds]
	      Exports the model	to 3DS format.

       -dae [outfile.dae]
	      Exports the model	to COLLADA DAE format.

       -html [path]
	      Creates an HTML page for the model.

       --html-parts-width width
	      Sets the width of	the part pictures when creating	HTML pages  to

       --html-parts-height height
	      Sets the height of the part pictures when	creating HTML pages to

       ``LEOCAD_LIB'' may be set to the	path of	the parts library.

	$ leocad car.lcd -i car.png -w 640 -h 480

       This will start LeoCAD, load the	file "car.lcd,"	create	a  png	called
       "car.png" with a	resolution of 640x480 and exit when done.

       ~/.config/LeoCAD	Software/LeoCAD.conf
	      User preferences file

       If     you     find     any     bugs	please	  report    them    at

       LeoCAD is written by Leonardo Zide <>.	You can	 visit
       the LeoCAD homepage at

       This manual page	was written by Patrick Mahoney <>, for the
       Debian GNU/Linux	system (but may	be used	by others).

				 20 July 2000			     LEOCAD(1)


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