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ldif-duplicate-attrs(1)		    hxtools	       ldif-duplicate-attrs(1)

       ldif-duplicate-attrs -- check for multi-value attributes	in LDIF	file

       procalldiff [-C]	<foo.ldif >report.txt

       Input must not contain linewraps. Do use	with

       {slapcat|ldapsearch} -o ldif-wrap=no ...

       Reads  an  LDIF file from standard input	and checks for the presence of
       multivalued attributes of all DNs. Whitelisted attribute	names are  ex-
       cluded  from the	problem	report.	Outputs	a statistic sorted by severity
       to standard output.

       -C     Force color output. Useful when piping into `less	-R`.  (By  de-
	      fault, color is only emitted when	stdout is a tty.)

Example	output
	    11	 cn=67eoG,ou=Muenchen,o=Deutschland
		 uid(3)	cn(2) fullName(2) mail(2) sn(2)
	    10	 cn=Hoff,ou=Muenchen,o=Deutschland
		 homeCity(2) homePostalAddress(2) homeZipCode(2) l(2)

       The  DN	cn=67eoG has had three values for the "uid" attribute, two for
       "cn", and so on,	for a total badness score of 11.  The entire output is
       sorted by:

       1.  Overall, DNs	are sorted by descending score.

       2.  For a particular DN,	attributes are sorted by descending score.

       3.  If  two  attributes	have the same score, sort occurs lexicographi-
	   cally ascending.

hxtools				  2015-04-01	       ldif-duplicate-attrs(1)

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