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       latexdiff-vc - wrapper script that calls	latexdiff for different
       versions	of a file under	version	management (CVS, RCS or	SVN)

       latexdiff-vc [ latexdiff-options	] [ latexdiff-vc-options ]  -r [rev1]
       [-r rev2]  file1.tex [ file2.tex	...]


       latexdiff-vc [ latexdiff-options	]  [ latexdiff-vc-options ][
       --postscript | --pdf ]  old.tex new.tex

       latexdiff-vc is a wrapper script	that applies latexdiff to a file, or
       multiple	files under version control (git, subversion (SVN), mercurial
       (hg), CVS, RCS),	and optionally runs the	sequence of "latex" and
       "dvips" or "pdflatex" commands necessary	to produce pdf or postscript
       output of the difference	tex file(s). It	can also be applied to a pair
       of files	to automatise the generation of	difference file	in postscript
       or pdf format.

       --rcs, --svn, --cvs, --git or --hg
	   Set the version control system used.	 If no version system is
	   specified, latexdiff-vc will	venture	a guess.

	   latexdiff-cvs, latexdiff-rcs	etc are	variants of latexdiff-vc which
	   default to the respective versioning	system.	However, this default
	   can still be	overridden using the options above.

	   Note	that hg	needs to support the "--root" option (version >= 2.9)

       -r, -r rev or --revision, --revision=rev
	   Choose revision (under RCS, CVS, SVN, GIT or	HG). One or two	-r
	   options can be specified, and they result in	different behaviour:

	   latexdiff-vc	-r file.tex ...
	       compares	file.tex with the most recently	checked-in version

	   latexdiff-vc	-r rev1	file.tex ...
	       compares	file.tex with revision rev1.

	   latexdiff-vc	-r rev1	-r rev2	file.tex ...
	       compares	revisions rev1 and rev2	of file.tex.

	       Multiple	files can be specified for all of the above options.
	       All files must have the extensions ".tex", ".bbl", or ".flt",

	   latexdiff-vc	 old.tex new.tex
	       compares	two files.

	   The name of the difference file is generated	automatically and
	   reported to stdout.

       -d or --dir  -d path or --dir=path
	   Rather than appending the string "diff" and optionally the version
	   numbers given to the	output-file, this will prepend a directory
	   name	"diff" to the original filename, creating the directory	and
	   sub-directories should they not exist already.  This	is
	   particularly	useful in order	to clone a complete directory
	   hierarchy.  Optionally, a pathname path can be specified, which is
	   prepended instead of	"diff".

	   If combined with "--git", "--svn" or	"--hg" option or the
	   corresponding modes,	check out the revisions	to compare in a
	   separate temporary directory, and then pass on option "--flatten"
	   to latexdiff. The directory in which	"latexdiff-vc" is invoked
	   defines the subtree which will be checked out.  Note	that if
	   additional files are	needed which are not included in the flatten
	   procedure (package files, included graphics), they need to be
	   accessible in the current directory.	If you use bibtex, it is
	   recommended to include the ".bbl" file in the version management.

	   The generic usage of	this function is : "latexdiff-vc --flatten -r
	   rev1	[-r rev2] master.tex" where master.tex is the project file
	   containing the highest level	of includes etc.

	   With	"--flatten=keep-intermediate", the intermediate	revision
	   snapshots are kept in the current directory (Default	is to store
	   them	in a temporary directory and delete them after generating the
	   diff	file.)

	   Post-process	the output such	that only pages	with changes on	them
	   are displayed. This requires	the use	of subtype ZLABEL in
	   latexdiff, which will be set	automatically, but any manually	set -s
	   option will be overruled (also requires zref	package	to be
	   installed). This option also	disables internal links	(as
	   implemented by hyperref package) and	graphics markup.  (note	that
	   this	option must be combined	with --ps or --pdf to make sense)

	   Overwrite existing diff files without asking	for confirmation.
	   Default behaviour is	to ask for confirmation	before overwriting an
	   existing difference file.

	   run latex command on	diff file after	generation of diff file.

	   run latex and dvixxx	commands after generation of diff file.

       -c configfile =item --config var1=val1,var2=val2,... or -c var1=val1,..
	   Set configuration variables for latexdiff and latexdiff-vc.	The
	   option can be repeated to set different variables (as an
	   alternative to the comma-separated list).  Available	variables for

	   "LATEXDIFF" latexdiff command (e.g. latexdiff-fast, latexdiff-so).
	   This	command	should support the option "--interaction=batchmode"
	   "LATEX" latex command (e.g. pdflatex, lualatex)
	   "DVI2"  Command for conversion of dvi file (e.g. dvips, dvipdf)
	   "BIBTEX" Command replacing bibtex

	   All other config variables are passed to latexdiff. Explicitly set
	   configuration changes always	override implicit changes by the
	   following shortcut options --fast, --so, --ps and --pdf.

       --fast or --so
	   Use "latexdiff-fast"	or "latexdiff-so", respectively	(instead of

       --ps or --postscript
	   Generate postscript output from difference file.  This will run the
	   sequence "latex; latex; dvips" on the difference file (do not use
	   this	option in the rare cases, where	three "latex" commands are
	   required if you care	about correct referencing).  If	the difference
	   file	contains a "\bibliography" tag,	run the	sequence "latex;
	   bibtex; latex; latex; dvips".

	   Generate pdf	output from difference file using "pdflatex". This
	   will	run the	sequence "pdflatex; pdflatex" on the difference	file,
	   or "pdflatex; bibtex; pdflatex; pdflatex" for files requiring
	   bibtex.  Note that this is not just a shortcut for setting
	   configuration variable but also triggers some special behaviour.

	   Show	values of configuration	variables.

       --help or -h
	   Show	help text

	   Show	version	number

       All other options are passed on to "latexdiff".


       latexdiff-vc uses external commands and is therefore dependent on the
       system architecture; it has been	tested mainly on Unix-like systems. It
       also requires a version control system and latex	to be installed	on the
       system to make use of all features.  Modules from Perl 5.8 or higher
       are required.

       Please submit bug reports using the issue tracker of the	github
       repository page, or send them
       to tilmann -- AT	--  Include the	version	number of
       latexdiff-vc (option "--version").

       Version 1.2.1 Copyright (C) 2005-2017 Frederik Tilmann

       This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
       under the terms of the GNU General Public License Version 3
       Contributors: S Utcke, H	Bruyninckx; some ideas have been inspired by
       git-latexdiff bash script.  C. Junghans:	Mercurial Support.

perl v5.30.0			  2021-12-27		       LATEXDIFF-VC(1)


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