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LARSMENU(1x)							  LARSMENU(1x)

       larsmenu	- create a menu	to run commands

       larsmenu	[ -bg background-color ] [ -display displayname	] [ -file name
       ] [ -fg foreground-color	] [ -font fname	] [ -geometry geom ] [ -iconic
       ]  [  -label name ] [ -path ] [ -popdown	] [ -popup ] [ -shell prog ] [
       -teleport ] [ -version ]	[ -warp	] menuitem[:command] ...

       larsmenu	is a simple program that accepts a list	of menu	item and  com-
       mand  pairs  on the command line.  It creates a window that consists of
       nothing but a menu.  When a particular item  is	selected,  the	corre-
       sponding	command	is executed.

       Any mouse button	may be used to select an item.	Alternatively, the UP-
       ARROW and DOWN-ARROW cursor keys	may be	used  to  highlight  different
       items, with ENTER used to select	the highlighted	item. ESCAPE exits the
       menu without selecting an entry.

       Menu items and commands are separated by	a colon.  The colon  and  com-
       mand  are  optional. If they are	missing, then the menu item is assumed
       to be a command that can	be executed directly.

       A menu item consisting of the word exit causes larsmenu to exit when it
       is  selected.  Otherwise,  to stop larsmenu, delete it using the	window
       manager.	 If a command is supplied along	with the exit item, that  com-
       mand is executed	before larsmenu	exits.

       If a command starts with	the word exec, larsmenu	ceases operating after
       launching it.

       larsmenu	accepts	the following command line options, listed  alphabeti-

	      -bg background-color
		     Set  the  background  color  to background-color.	By de-
		     fault, the	background color is white.

	      -display displayname
		     Use the X display displayname,  instead  of  the  default

	      -file filename
		     Read  items  to display from filename, in addition	to any
		     other command line	arguments.  This is intended  for  use
		     with #!  in scripts.

	      -fg foreground-color
		     Set  the  foreground  color  to foreground-color.	By de-
		     fault, the	foreground color is black.

	      -font fname
		     Use the font fname, instead of fixed.

	      -geometry	geom
		     Use geom (a geometry in standard X	format)	as the	geome-
		     try  of the menu.	This is	most useful for	specifying the
		     initial location of the menu.  Note that  larsmenu	 over-
		     rides  the	 size part of the geometry specification.  The
		     window is always just large enough	to hold	the menu.

		     Start up in the iconified state.

	      -label name
		     Change both the window and	icon labels of the  window  to

	      -path  Append the	current	directory to the command search	path.

		     Once  an  item is selected, the menu window automatically
		     iconifies itself.

	      -popup Act like a	pop-up menu. Once a  menu  item	 is  selected,
		     larsmenu exits.  This option overrides -popdown.

	      -shell prog
		     Use  prog	as  the	 shell	to  run	 commands,  instead of
		     /bin/sh.  If the shell cannot be executed,	larsmenu  then
		     silently falls back to using /bin/sh.

		     Move the menu to where the	mouse is when the menu is uni-
		     conified.	This option is particularly useful  when  com-
		     bined with	-popdown.

		     This  option  prints the version of larsmenu on the stan-
		     dard output, and then exits with an exit value of zero.

	      -warp  Warp the mouse to the menu	when the menu is  uniconified.
		     After  the	 selection is made, restore the	mouse to where
		     it	was.  This option is particularly useful when combined
		     with -popdown.

       larsmenu	-popup "XTerm:xterm" "Calculator:xcalc"

       This is a modified version of 9menu, which has this license:


       9menu  is  free	software, and is Copyright (c) 1994 by David Hogan and
       Arnold Robbins. Permission is granted to	all  sentient  beings  to  use
       this  software,	to  make copies	of it, and to distribute those copies,
       provided	that:

       (1) the copyright and licence notices are left intact

       (2) the recipients are aware that it is free software

       (3) any unapproved changes in functionality are either

       (i) only	distributed as patches

       or (ii) distributed as a	new program which  is  not  called  9menu  and
       whose documentation gives credit	where it is due

       (4) the authors are not held responsible	for any	defects

       or shortcomings in the software,	or damages caused by it.

       There is	no warranty for	this software.	Have a nice day.


       Please  consider	my code	to be under the	same type of license as	9menu,
       inserting my name where appropriate.

       larsclock(1x), larsremote(1x), larswm(1x)

       larsmenu	was created by Lars Bernhardsson <>  by  building
       on 9menu	by David Hogan and Arnold Robbins.



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