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KVAZAAR(1)			 User Commands			    KVAZAAR(1)

       kvazaar - open source HEVC encoder

       kvazaar -i <input> --input-res <width>x<height> -o <output>

       -i, --input
	      Input file

       --input-res <res>
	      Input resolution [auto] auto: detect from	file name <int>x<int>:
	      width times height

       -o, --output
	      Output file

	      Set options to a preset [medium]
		  - ultrafast, superfast, veryfast, faster,
		    fast, medium, slow,	slower,	veryslow

       -n, --frames <integer>
	      Number of	frames to code [all]

       --seek <integer>
	      First frame to code [0]

       --input-fps <num>/<denom>
	      Framerate	of the input video [25.0]

       --source-scan-type <string>
	      Set source scan type [progressive].
		  - progressive: progressive scan
		  - tff: top field first
		  - bff: bottom	field first

	      P420 or P400


	      Re-read input file forever

       --help Print this help message and exit

	      Print version information	and exit

       --aud  Use access unit delimiters

       --debug <string>
	      Output encoders reconstruction.

       --cpuid <integer>
	      Disable runtime cpu optimizations	with value 0.

       --hash Decoded picture hash [checksum]
		  - none: 0 bytes
		  - checksum: 18 bytes
		  - md5: 56 bytes

	      Don't calculate PSNR for frames

	      Don't add	encoder	info SEI.

   Video structure:
       -q, --qp	<integer>
	      Quantization Parameter [32]

       -p, --period <integer>
	      Period of	intra pictures [0] - 0:	only first picture is intra  -
	      1: all pictures are intra	- 2-N: every Nth picture is intra

       --vps-period <integer>
	      Specify how often	the video parameter set	is re-sent. [0]
		  - 0: only send VPS with the first frame
		  - N: send VPS	with every Nth intra frame

       -r, --ref <integer>
	      Reference	frames,	range 1..15 [3]

       --gop <string>
	      Definition of GOP	structure [0]
		  - 0: disabled
		  - 8: B-frame pyramid of length 8
		  - lp-<string>: lp-gop	definition
			(e.g. lp-g8d4t2, see README)

       --cqmfile <string>
	      Custom Quantization Matrices from	a file

       --bitrate <integer>
	      Target bitrate. [0]
		  - 0: disable rate-control
		  - N: target N	bits per second

	      Use lossless coding

	      Constrain	movement vectors
		  - none: no constraint
		  - frametile: constrain within	the tile
		  - frametilemargin: constrain even more

       --roi <string>
	      Use a delta QP map for region of interest
		  Read an array	of delta QP values from
		  a file, where	the first two values are the
		  width	and height, followed by	width*height
		  delta	QP values in raster order.
		  The delta QP map can be any size or aspect
		  ratio, and will be mapped to LCU's.

   Compression tools:
       --deblock [<beta:tc>]
		    - beta: between -6 and 6
		    - tc: between -6 and 6

	      Sample Adaptive Offset

	      Rate-Distortion Optimized	Quantization

	      Sign Hiding

	      Symmetric	Motion Partition

	      Asymmetric Motion	Partition

       --rd <integer>
	      Intra mode search	complexity
		  - 0: skip intra if inter is good enough
		  - 1: rough intra mode	search with SATD
		  - 2: refine intra mode search	with SSE

	      Rate-Distortion Optimized	motion vector costs


	      Try all intra modes during rough search.

	      Transform	skip

       --me <string>
	      Integer motion estimation
		  - hexbs: Hexagon Based Search
		  - tz:	   Test	Zone Search
		  - full:  Full	Search
		  - full8, full16, full32, full64

       --subme <integer>
	      Set fractional pixel motion estimation level
		  - 0: only integer motion estimation
		  - 1: + 1/2-pixel horizontal and vertical
		  - 2: + 1/2-pixel diagonal
		  - 3: + 1/4-pixel horizontal and vertical
		  - 4: + 1/4-pixel diagonal

       --pu-depth-inter	<int>-<int>

	      Range for	sizes for inter	predictions
		  - 0, 1, 2, 3:	from 64x64 to 8x8

       --pu-depth-intra	<int>-<int>
	      Range for	sizes for intra	predictions
		  - 0, 1, 2, 3,	4: from	64x64 to 4x4



	      CU split search termination condition
		  - off: Never terminate cu-split search
		  - zero: Terminate with zero residual

	      ME early termination condition
		  - off: Don't terminate early
		  - on:	Terminate early
		  - sensitive: Terminate even earlier

	      Implicit	residual  DPCM	Currently only supported with lossless

	      Temporal Motion Vector Prediction

	      Skips RDOQ for 4x4 blocks

   Parallel processing:
       --threads <integer>
	      Number of	threads	to use [auto]
		  - 0: process everything with main thread
		  - N: use N threads for encoding
		  - auto: select based on number of cores

       --owf <integer>
	      Frame parallelism	[auto]
		  - N: Process N-1 frames at a time
		  - auto: Select automatically

	      Wavefront	parallel processing [enabled] Enabling tiles automati-
	      cally  disables WPP.  To enable WPP with tiles, re-enable	it af-
	      ter enabling tiles.

       --tiles <int>x<int>
	      Split picture into width x height	uniform	tiles.

       --tiles-width-split <string>|u<int>
	      Specifies	a comma	separated list of  pixel  positions  of	 tiles
	      columns separation coordinates.  Can also	be u followed by and a
	      single int n, in which  case  it	produces  columns  of  uniform

       --tiles-height-split <string>|u<int>
	      Specifies	 a  comma  separated  list of pixel positions of tiles
	      rows separation coordinates.  Can	also be	u followed  by	and  a
	      single int n, in which case it produces rows of uniform height.

       --slices	<string>
	      Control how slices are used
		  - tiles: put tiles in	independent slices
		  - wpp: put rows in dependent slices
		  - tiles+wpp: do both

   Video Usability Information:
       --sar <width:height>
	      Specify Sample Aspect Ratio

       --overscan <string>
	      Specify crop overscan setting [undef]
		  - undef, show, crop

       --videoformat <string>
	      Specify video format [undef]
		  - component, pal, ntsc, secam, mac, undef

       --range <string>
	      Specify color range [tv]
		  - tv,	pc

       --colorprim <string>
	      Specify color primaries [undef]
		  - undef, bt709, bt470m, bt470bg,
		    smpte170m, smpte240m, film,	bt2020

       --transfer <string>
	      Specify transfer characteristics [undef]
		  - undef, bt709, bt470m, bt470bg,
		    smpte170m, smpte240m, linear, log100,
		    log316, iec61966-2-4, bt1361e,
		    iec61966-2-1, bt2020-10, bt2020-12

       --colormatrix <string>
	      Specify color matrix setting [undef]
		  - undef, bt709, fcc, bt470bg,	smpte170m,
		    smpte240m, GBR, YCgCo, bt2020nc, bt2020c

       --chromaloc <integer>
	      Specify chroma sample location (0	to 5) [0]

kvazaar	v1.1.0			 February 2017			    KVAZAAR(1)


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