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KTUTILTEST(1)			 Kyoto Tycoon			 KTUTILTEST(1)

       ktutiltest - command line interface to test the utility functions

       The command `ktutiltest'	is a utility for facility test and performance
       test of the utility functions.  This command is used in	the  following
       format.	 `url'	specifies the target URL.  `rnum' specifies the	number
       of iterations.  `proc' specifies	the name of  the  procedure  to	 call.
       `name'  and `value' specify a pair of the key and the value of an input
       parameter.  `path' specifies the	path of	a repository.

	      ktutiltest http [-th num]	[-get|-head|-post|-put|-delete]	[-body
	      file]  [-ah  name	 value]	[-qs name value] [-tout	num] [-ka] url
		     Performs test of HTTP sessions.
	      ktutiltest rpc [-th num] [-host str]  [-port  num]  [-tout  num]
	      proc rnum	[name value ...]
		     Performs test of RPC sessions.
	      ktutiltest ulog [-th num]	[-ulim num] path rnum [name value ...]
		     Performs test of update logging.

       Options feature the following.

	      -th num :	specifies the number of	worker threads.
	      -get : uses the GET method.
	      -head : uses the HEAD method.
	      -post : uses the POST method.
	      -put : uses the PUT method.
	      -delete :	uses the DELETE	method.
	      -body file : sends the entity body of the	content	the file.
	      -ah name value : adds an HTTP header.
	      -qs name value : adds a key/value	pair to	the query string.
	      -tout num	: specifies the	timeout	in seconds.
	      -ka : use	keep-alive connection.
	      -host str	: specifies the	host name of the server.
	      -port num	: specifies the	port number of the server.
	      -ulim num	: specifies the	limit size of each update log file.

       This command returns 0 on success, another on failure.

       ktutilmgr(1), ktutilserv(1)

Man Page			  2012-05-25			 KTUTILTEST(1)


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