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KTUTILMGR(1)			 Kyoto Tycoon			  KTUTILMGR(1)

       ktutilmgr - command line	interface of miscellaneous utilities

       The  command  `ktutilmgr'  is a tool of miscellaneous utilities,	and to
       show the	configuration.	This command is	used in	the following  format.
       `url'  specifies	the target URL.	 `proc'	specifies the name of the pro-
       cedure to call.	`name' and `value' specify a pair of the key  and  the
       value  of  an  input parameter.	`path' specifies the path of a reposi-

	      ktutilmgr	date [-ds str] [-jl num] [-wf] [-rf]
		     Prints date information.  By default, prints the  current
		     UNIX time.
	      ktutilmgr	http [-get|-head|-post|-put|-delete] [-body file] [-ah
	      name value] [-qs name value] [-tout num] [-ph] [-ec num] url
		     Performs an HTTP session.
	      ktutilmgr	rpc [-host str]	[-port num] [-tout  num]  [-ienc  str]
	      [-oenc str] proc [name value ...]
		     Performs an RPC session.
	      ktutilmgr	ulog [-ts num] [-uw] [-uf] path
		     Prints update logs.
	      ktutilmgr	conf [-v|-i|-l|-p]
		     Shows the configuration of	Kyoto Tycoon.
	      ktutilmgr	version
		     Shows the version information of Kyoto Tycoon.

       Options feature the following.

	      -ds str :	specifies the datetime string.
	      -jl num :	specifies the jet lag.
	      -wf : formats the	output in W3CDTF.
	      -rf : formats the	output in RFC 1123 format.
	      -get : uses the GET method.
	      -head : uses the HEAD method.
	      -post : uses the POST method.
	      -put : uses the PUT method.
	      -delete :	uses the DELETE	method.
	      -body file : sends the entity body of the	content	the file.
	      -ah name value : adds an HTTP header.
	      -qs name value : adds a key/value	pair to	the query string.
	      -tout num	: specifies the	timeout	in seconds.
	      -ph : prints response headers.
	      -ec  num : reports error if the response code is not the same as
	      the expected.
	      -host str	: specifies the	host name of the server.
	      -port num	: specifies the	port number of the server.
	      -ienc str	: specifies the	encoding of the	input data.
	      -oenc str	: specifies the	encoding of the	output data.
	      -ts num :	specifies the maximum time stamp of already read logs.
	      "now" means the current time stamp.
	      -uw : waits for update forever.
	      -uf : prints status of each update log file.
	      -v : show	the version number of Kyoto Tycoon.
	      -i : show	options	to include the headers of Tokyo	Tycoon.
	      -l : show	options	to link	the library of Tokyo Tycoon.
	      -p : show	the directory path of the commands.

       This command returns 0 on success, another on failure.

       ktutiltest(1), ktutilserv(1)

Man Page			  2012-05-25			  KTUTILMGR(1)


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