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KRB_REALMOFHOST(3)	   Library Functions Manual	    KRB_REALMOFHOST(3)

       krb_realmofhost,	   krb_get_phost,    krb_get_krbhst,   krb_get_admhst,
       krb_get_lrealm -	additional Kerberos utility routines

       #include	<krb.h>
       #include	<openssl/des.h>
       #include	<netinet/in.h>

       char *krb_realmofhost(host)
       char *host;

       char *krb_get_phost(alias)
       char *alias;

       char *host;
       char *realm;
       int n;

       char *host;
       char *realm;
       int n;

       char *realm;
       int n;

       krb_realmofhost returns the Kerberos realm of the host host, as	deter-
       mined  by  the  translation  table /etc/krb.realms.  host should	be the
       fully-qualified domain-style primary host name of the host in question.
       In  order to prevent certain security attacks, this routine must	either
       have a priori knowledge of a host's realm, or obtain  such  information

       The  format  of the translation file is described by krb.realms(5).  If
       host exactly matches a host_name	line, the corresponding	realm  is  re-
       turned.	Otherwise, if the domain portion of host matches a domain_name
       line, the corresponding realm is	returned.  If host contains a  domain,
       but  no	translation is found, host's domain is converted to upper-case
       and returned.  If host contains no discernable domain, or an error  oc-
       curs,  the  local  realm	name, as supplied by krb_get_lrealm(3),	is re-

       krb_get_phost converts the hostname alias (which	can be either an offi-
       cial  name  or an alias)	into the instance name to be used in obtaining
       Kerberos	tickets	for most services, including the Berkeley  rcmd	 suite
       (rlogin,	rcp, rsh).
       The  current  convention	is to return the first segment of the official
       domain-style name after conversion to lower case.

       krb_get_krbhst fills in host with the hostname of the nth host  running
       a  Kerberos key distribution center (KDC) for realm realm, as specified
       in the configuration file (/etc/krb.conf).  The configuration  file  is
       described  by  krb.conf(5).  If the host	is successfully	filled in, the
       routine returns KSUCCESS.  If the file cannot be	opened,	and  n	equals
       1,  then	 the value of KRB_HOST as defined in _krb.h_ is	filled in, and
       KSUCCESS	is returned.  If there are fewer than n	hosts running  a  Ker-
       beros  KDC  for	the requested realm, or	the configuration file is mal-
       formed, the routine returns KFAILURE.

       krb_get_admhst fills in host with the hostname of the nth host  running
       a Kerberos KDC database administration server for realm realm, as spec-
       ified in	the configuration file (/etc/krb.conf).	 If the	file cannot be
       opened  or is malformed,	or there are fewer than	n hosts	running	a Ker-
       beros KDC database administration server, the routine returns KFAILURE.

       The  character  arrays  used  as	 return	 values	 for   krb_get_krbhst,
       krb_get_admhst,	should	be large enough	to hold	any hostname (MAXHOST-
       NAMELEN from <sys/param.h>).

       krb_get_lrealm fills in realm with the nth realm	of the local host,  as
       specified in the	configuration file.  realm should be at	least REALM_SZ
       (from _krb.h_)characterslong.

       kerberos(3), krb.conf(5), krb.realms(5)

       /etc/krb.realms	   translation file for	host-to-realm mapping.

       /etc/krb.conf	   local  realm-name  and  realm/server	 configuration

       The  current convention for instance names is too limited; the full do-
       main name should	be used.

       krb_get_lrealm currently	only supports n	= 1.  It should	really consult
       the  user's  ticket cache to determine the user's current realm,	rather
       than consulting a file on the host.

MIT Project Athena	     Kerberos Version 4.0	    KRB_REALMOFHOST(3)


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