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       krb5plugin_db_ftable_desc - Description of the krb5 DB plugin facility.

       #include	<db_plugin.h>

Detailed Description
       Description of the krb5 DB plugin facility.

       The krb5_aname_to_lname(3) function's DB	rule is	pluggable. The plugin
       is named	KRB5_PLUGIN_DB ('krb5_db_plug'), with a	single minor version,
       KRB5_PLUGIN_DB_VERSION_0	(0).

       The plugin consists of a	data symbol referencing	a structure of type
       krb5plugin_db_ftable_desc, with three fields:

	   init	Plugin initialization function (see krb5-plugin(7))
	   minor_version The plugin minor version number (0)
	   fini	Plugin finalization function

       The init	entry point is expected	to call	heim_db_register(). The	fini
       entry point is expected to do nothing.

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Version	7.3.0			Tue Apr	11 2017	  krb5plugin_db_ftable_desc(3)

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