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KOBODL(6)			 Games Manual			     KOBODL(6)

       kobodl -	Kobo Deluxe, an	enhanced version of the	scrolling game XKobo

       kobodl [	options	]

       Kobo Deluxe is a	3'rd person scrolling 2D shooter with a	simple and re-
       sponsive	control	system - which you'll need to tackle the tons of enemy
       ships that shoot	at you,	chase you, circle around you shooting, or even
       launch other ships at you, while	you're trying to destroy the labyrinth
       shaped  bases. There are	50 action packed levels	with smoothly increas-
       ing difficulty, and different combinations of enemies that require dif-
       ferent tactics to be dealt with successfully.

       Kobo Deluxe has an improved graphics engine that	delivers smoother ani-
       mation, while keeping the game logic totally accurate  and  predictable
       regardless  of  frame  rate.  It	also adds sound	effects, new graphics,
       fullscreen mode,	four extra skill levels	 with  smoother	 gameplay  and
       various	other  features	expected from a	modern game. (There is still a
       "Clasic"	mode that plays	exactly	like the original XKobo.)

       Kobo Deluxe uses	SDL for	sound, graphics	and input, and builds and runs
       on all major operating systems, as well as some more unusual platforms.
       It can also use OpenGL for accelerated rendering, through glSDL.

       In short, Kobo Deluxe is	loads of classical arcade style	fun  for  just
       about any machine with graphics and sound!

       The  ship can be	controlled with	the keyboard, or optionally a mouse or
       joystick. With the keyboard, the	arrow keys move	the ship (two keys for
       diagonals), and the shift and ctrl keys shoots. The numeric key pad can
       also be used; the usual 2/4/6/8 (arrows), and also 1/3/7/9  for	single
       key  diagonals.	Escape enters the meny system, from where it is	possi-
       ble to change settings, start a new game	or exit	the game.

       Note that all relevant options can be also  configured  in  the	config
       file,  which  can be edited directly, or	using the options menus	in the

	      Log To File. Default: Off.

	      Log File Format. Default:	0.

	      Log Verbosity Level. Default: 2.

	      Use Joystick. Default: Off.

	      Joystick Number. Default:	0.

	      Use Mouse. Default: Off.

	      Mouse Control Mode. Default: 1.

	      Broken NumPad Diagonals. Default:	Off.

	      Diagonals	Emphasis Filter. Default: 0.

	      Always Fire. Default: Off.

	      In-game Mouse Capture. Default: On.

	      Radar Scroll Mode. Default: 2.

	      Enable/disable motion interpolation. Interpolation is what makes
	      animation	smooth at high frame rates despite the game logic run-
	      ning at 33.33 fps.  However, it also adds	 some  input  latency!
	      Default: On.

	      Time  filter, for	smoothing out timing jitter induced by the op-
	      erating system.  Default:	50.

	      Get Ready	Countdown. Default: 5.

	      Starfield	Style. Default:	2.

       -stars Number of	Parallax Stars.	Default: 500.

	      Overheat Warning Loudness. Default: 100.

	      Player Cannons Loudness. Default:	100.

	      Enable Sound. Default: On.

	      Enable Music. Default: On.

	      Use Cached Sounds. Default: Off.

	      Use OSS Sound Driver. Default: Off.

	      Sample Rate. Default: 44100.

	      Sound Latency. Default: 50.

	      Mixing Quality. Default: 3.

       -vol   Master Volume. Default: 100.

	      Intro Music Volume. Default: 100.

	      Sound Effects Volume. Default: 100.

	      In-Game Music Volume. Default: 30.

	      Reverb Level. Default: 100.

	      Volume Boost. Default: 0.

	      Fullscreen Display. Default: Off.

	      Display Driver. Default: 0.

       -width Horizontal Resolution. Default: 640.

	      Vertical Resolution. Default: 480.

	      Pixel Aspect Ratio. Default: 1000.

       -depth Display Depth. Default: 0.

	      Limit the	framerate (fps). Saves	power  on  laptops  (75	 works
	      well),  and  can	also  avoid long stalls	due to timesharing and
	      background processes. Default: 100.

	      Strictly Regulated fps. Default: 0.

	      Display Buffer Mode. Default: 1.

	      Use Software Shadow Buffer. Default: On.

	      Video Mode. Default: 17200.

	      Enable Vertical Sync. Default: On.

	      Number of	Video Pages. Default: -1.

	      Scaling Filter Mode. Default: 1.

	      Use Dithering. Default: On.

	      Dither Type. Default: 0.

	      Broken RGBA (OpenGL). Default: Off.

	      Use Alpha	Blending. Default: On.

	      Brightness. Default: 100.

	      Contrast.	Default: 100.

       -files Specify the root path of the game. Default: ""

       -gfx   Specify the path to the game's graphics data. Default: ""

       -sfx   Specify the path to the game's sound data. Default: ""

	      Specify the path to the game's score files. Default: ""

       -size  (Not saved!) Screen Size (Obsolete). Default: 0.

       -wait  Game Speed (Obsolete). Default: 30.

       -bgm   (Not saved!) Background Music File (Obsolete). Default: ""

	      (Not saved!) Limiter Gain. Default: 200.

	      (Not saved!) Limiter Speed. Default: 50.

	      (Not saved!) Texture Resolution. Default:	1.

	      Last used	player profile.	Default: 0.

	      Number of	Connected Joysticks. Default: 0.

	      (Not saved!) Show	Configuration. Default:	Off.

	      (Not saved!) List	High Scores. Default: Off.

	      (Not saved!) List	High Scores. Default: Off.

	      (Not saved!) Ignore Configuration	File. Default: Off.

	      (Not saved!) Enable Debug	Features. Default: Off.

	      (Not saved!) Display frames per second in	game screen.  Default:

	      (Not saved!) Do not render rounded corners on the	playfield. De-
	      fault: Off.

	      (Not saved!) Enable MIDI Input. Default: Off.

	      (Not saved!) Enable/disable cheat	mode. Cheat  mode  allows  any
	      level to be played, but highscores are not saved!	Default: Off.

	      (Not saved!) Enable Collision Indicator Mode. Default: Off.

	      (Not saved!) Enable Push Move Mode. Default: Off.

	      (Not saved!) Disable SDL Parachute. Default: Off.

	      (Not saved!) Use Polling Audio Output. Default: Off.

	      (Not saved!) Ingame screenshots/movie. Default: Off.

	      (Not saved!) Print usage info and	exit. Default: Off.

	      (Not saved!) Print options for 'man'. Default: Off.

	      The per-user configuration file for Kobo Deluxe.

       Originally  written  by	Akira  Higuchi	(,
       XKobo was turned	into Kobo Deluxe by David Olofson <>

       Thanks, in no particular	order, to...

       Akira Higuchi
	      Author of	the Original XKobo.

       Masanao Izumo
	      Sound effects and	original sound engine.

       Torsten Giebl

       David Andersson
	      Various Good Ideas.

       Max Horn
	      Mac OS X & Build Script Patches.

       Jeremy Sheeley
	      Player Profiles.

       Tsuyoshi	Iguchi
	      FreeBSD, NetBSD.

       Samuel Hart
	      Joystick Support.

       G. Low Solaris.

       Gerry Jo	Trick Jellestad
	      Testing and ideas.

       Riki   Intel Compiler.

       Andreas Spaangberg
	      Sun Compiler & Bug Spotting.

       SixK   Amiga Port.

       Joey Hess

       Martijn van Oosterhout
	      FPS limiter.

       Antonio Messina
	      Stage 1601+ difficulty wrap, Always Fire option.

       Hans de Goede
	      Audio buffer handling bug.

       Marianne	Ibbotson
	      "Autopause" idea.

       Sam Palmer
	      MS Windows testing.

       Michael Sterrett
	      glSDL issues.

       Sam Lantinga & Others
	      SDL, the Simple DirectMedia library.

       Members of the SDL mailing list
	      Testing and ideas.

       Copyright (c) 1995, 1996	Akira Higuchi

       Copyright (C) 1997 Masanao Izumo

       Copyright (C) 1999-2001 Simon Peter

       Copyright (C) 2002 Florian Schulze

       Copyright (C) 2002 Jeremy Sheeley

       Copyright (C) 2005 Erik Auerswald

       Copyright (c) 1999-2007 David Olofson

       Kobo Deluxe is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify  it
       under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

			       26 December 2007			     KOBODL(6)


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