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KATARAKT(1)			Katarakt Manual			   KATARAKT(1)

       katarakt	- a simple PDF viewer with three layouts

       katarakt	([OPTIONS] FILE|(-u URL))*

       It's a PDF viewer. It views PDFs.

       There are currently three layouts. The single layout is very simple and
       only supports scrolling on a per	page basis. As the name	suggests the
       current page is displayed in the	center and zoomed to fit the window.
       It is active by default.

       The grid	layout is much more advanced and offers	continuous (smooth,
       per pixel) scrolling, zooming and adjusting the column count. Pages
       keep their correct relative size	and are	shown in a grid.

       The presenter layout is for giving a presentation. It opens a second
       window, to be viewed on the projector, and shows	the current and	next
       slide in	the main window.

       For every file passed on	the command line a separate process is

       -u, --url
	   Instead of opening a	local document,	download it from the given

       -p, --page NUM
	   Start on page NUM.

       -f, --fullscreen
	   Start in fullscreen mode.

       -q, --quit true|false
	   If true, quit on initialization failure. If false, show the window
	   even	if an error occured. Overrides the config option

       -s, --single-instance true|false
	   If true, prevents opening the same document twice and focuses the
	   existing instance. Overrides	the config option

       --write-default-config FILE
	   Write the built-in default configuration to FILE and	exit. Hint: on
	   unix	systems, you can use --write-defaults /dev/stdout to print the

       -v, --version
	   Print version information and exit.

       -h, --help
	   Print help and exit.

       Variables and key bindings can be changed by modifying the katarakt.ini
       file. By	default	it is read from	$XDG_CONFIG_HOME.

       Variables must be listed	under the section "[Settings]",	keys under
       section "[Keys]". Settings that are not present in the config file use
       the built-in default. For a list	of all variables with a	short
       explanation see below.

	   Quit	katarakt.

	   Switch to single layout. Views a single page	at a time, scaled to
	   fit the screen.

	   Switch to grid layout. Views	pages in a continuous fashion, scaled
	   to fit the window width. Supports zooming and multiple columns.

	   Switch to presenter layout. Views the current page and a smaller
	   preview of the next page. Also, opens a second window that shows
	   only	the current page for displaying	on a projector.

       Up, Down, Left, Right, k, j, h, l
	   Move	around (up/down/left/right).

       ^u, ^d
	   Scroll up/down half the screen.

       BackSpace, Space, ^b, ^f
	   Scroll up/down the screen. By default scrolls 90% to	create an
	   overlapping region.

       PgUp, PgDown
	   Scroll up/down one page. Kind of swaps the pages in place.

       Home, End, g, G
	   Go to the first/last	page.

	   Show	goto page bar.

	   Show	the search bar.	Hitting	Esc will hide the results, searching
	   for an empty	string will clear them.	If the search term contains an
	   uppercase letter the	search is case sensitive ("smartcase").	If you
	   search for the same term twice the next hit starting	from the
	   current view	is selected.

	   Show	the search bar.	This next search will be backwards.

       n, N
	   Focus next/previous search hit. This	does not take the current view
	   into	account. For finding the next hit around the current view
	   search for the same term again.

       ^n, ^N
	   Focus next/previous search hit that is currently not	visible.

       ^o, ^i, Alt-Left, Alt-Right
	   Move	backward/forward through the jump list.	Entries	are added
	   automatically when jumping.

	   Manually add	the current page to the	jump list.

       -, +, =
	   Adjust zoom level (grid layout only).

	   Reset zoom level to default,	i.e. fit width (grid layout only).

       [, ]
	   Adjust column count (grid layout only).

       {, }
	   Adjust the column the first page will be displayed in. Useful for
	   reading in a	book layout with a cover page (grid layout only).

       ,, .
	   Rotate pages	left/right.

	   Toggle the page number display in the bottom	right corner.

	   Toggle between normal and inverted color rendering.

	   Copy	the current selection to the global clipboard.

	   Swap	the mouse buttons for selection	and panning. The the left
	   mouse button's current operation is indicated by the	mouse cursor.

	   Toggle fullscreen.

	   Reload the document.	This can also be achieved by sending SIGUSR1
	   to the process.  katarakt reloads automatically if the opened file
	   has changed.

	   Open	a different document; shows a file dialog.

	   Show	a file dialog to save the current document.

	   Toggle the table of contents.

	   Toggle freezing the slide currently displayed in the	projector
	   window. When	frozen,	scrolling only affects the main	window.

       string default_layout
	   single: The layout on startup. Possible values: single, grid,

       string background_color
	   0xDF202020: Background color	in ARGB	Format.	Alpha only works when
	   using a compositor.

       string background_color_fullscreen
	   0xFF000000: Fullscreen background color in ARGB Format.

       string unrendered_page_color
	   0x40FFFFFF: Color that gets drawn instead of	a page that hasn't
	   been	rendered yet. If colors	are inverted, this gets	inverted as

       int click_link_button
	   1: The mouse	button used for	clicking links.	Buttons	1-5 are

       int drag_view_button
	   2: The mouse	button used for	scrolling the view. Double-clicking
	   this	button centers the view	around the location of the click. This
	   is especially useful	when using many	columns	to get an overview.
	   Resets the column count to 1.

       int select_text_button
	   1: The mouse	button used for	text selection.	Double-	and
	   triple-clicking are supported to select with	word/line granularity.

       int hide_mouse_timeout
	   2000: The delay in milliseconds after which the mouse cursor	is
	   hidden. Set to 0 to disable.

       int smooth_scroll_delta
	   30: Pixel offset when moving	around.

       float screen_scroll_factor
	   0.9:	Factor for scrolling the screen. Should	be <= 1	to create an
	   overlapping region.

       float jump_padding
	   0.2:	Distance from the border of the	screen to keep for jump
	   targets, e.g. search	hits. Moves the	view so	that search hits are
	   centered more.

       int rect_margin
	   2: Number of	pixels search rects are	expanded by.

       int useless_gap
	   2: Gap between two pages in grid layout in pixels.

       int min_zoom
	   -14:	Smallest zoom value.

       int max_zoom
	   30: Biggest zoom value.

       float zoom_factor
	   0.05: Influences the	number of steps	between	min and	max.

       int min_page_width
	   50: Pages can not be	smaller	than this.

       bool quit_on_init_fail
	   false: If true, quit	katarakt if the	document fails to open.

       bool single_instance_per_file
	   false: If set and katarakt is called	with a file that is already
	   shown in another katarakt instance, then the	other katarakt window
	   is activated	instead.

       string stylesheet
	   See	It can be overridden
	   via Qt's -stylesheet	command	line option. The following example
	   changes the goto page bar:

	       GotoLine	{
		       margin: 0px;
		       padding:	4px;
		       border-top-right-radius:	6px;
		       border-top: 1px solid black;
		       border-right: 1px solid black;

       string page_overlay_text
	   Page	%1/%2: The text	in the bottom right corner.

       string icon_theme
	   The name of your icon theme.	Fill in	if auto	detection fails.

       int prefetch_count
	   4: Number of	pages exceeding	the currently visible ones to render,
	   back- and forwards respectively.

       float inverted_color_contrast
	   0.5:	the contrast when using	inverted colors	to avoid too much

       float inverted_color_brightening
	   0.15: amount	of brightening when using inverted colors to shift
	   black to gray.

       int mouse_wheel_factor
	   120:	QT delta for turning the mouse wheel 1 click. Shouldn't	need
	   to be touched.

       bool thumbnail_filter
	   true: Enables the higher quality downsampling filter	for

       int thumbnail_size
	   32: One dimension of	square thumbnails saved	at run-time for	every
	   page	that was once rendered.

       Feel free to join the IRC channel #katarakt on freenode.

       katarakt	is written by Philipp Erhardt.



Katarakt			  03/01/2021			   KATARAKT(1)


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