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JUMPGATE(8)		    System Manager's Manual		   JUMPGATE(8)

       jumpgate	-- a TCP connection forwarder

       jumpgate	[-hsvi]	[-b local_host]	[-l local_port]	[-r remote_port] [-a
       remote_host] [-f	filename] [-c number_of_connections] [-L microseconds]

       jumpgate	is a TCP connection forwarder that provides many  enhancements
       and improvements	over the existing programs that	do the same thing.

       jumpgate	 provides an interactive mode that queries the connected party
       for the forwarding information it needs.	 Also, there is	the option  to
       log  the	entire forwarded session in a file for later inspection.  Fur-
       thermore, it can	log information	about the forwarded  session  via  the
       syslog(3) facility.

       -h     Output  a	help message that describes in brief the usage of each

       -s     Enable logging of	the forwarding information via syslog(3).

       -v     Display version number and exit.

       -i     Enable interactive mode.	When interactive mode is enabled, only
	      the local	port argument is obligatory, since the connected party
	      is queried about the rest	needed forwarding information.

       -b local_host
	      Specify the local	IP to bind.

       -l local_port
	      Specify the local	port to	listen on.  A port number or a service
	      name can be specified.

       -r remote_port
	      Specify  the  remote  port to forward the	connection to.	A port
	      number or	a service name can be specified.

       -a remote_host
	      Specify the remote host or IP address to forward the  connection

       -f filename
	      Specify  the  filename  to log the entire	forwarded session.  In
	      interactive mode it logs every forwarded connection.

       -c number_of_connections
	      Specify the maximum length of the	queue of pending connections.

       -L microseconds
	      Specify the latency in the forwarded connection in microseconds.
	      A	microsecond is 0.000001	seconds.

       jumpgate	 is  thoroughly	 tested	on OpenBSD, but	should compile and run
       without problems	on any Unix-like system	with no	or  trivial  modifica-
       tions.	For a list of systems that jumpgate is known to	run on see the
       README file.  If	you furtherly improve it, please send me the diffs.

       For example, to forward all the onnections coming to the	local  machine
       on  port	 4000  to port 21, and log the connected	party via sys-
       log(3) one should invoke	jumpgate like this:

       jumpgate	-s -l 4000 -r 21 -a

       In order	to wait	for connections	on port	4000 on	the local machine, and
       then  ask  the  connected  party	where to forward the connection, while
       logging the entire forwarding session  to  the  jumpgate.log  file  you
       should do:

       jumpgate	-i -l 4000 -f jumpgate.log

       inetd(8), syslogd(8), syslog(3)

       Patroklos G. Argyroudis <>

       jumpgate's interactive mode is still considered to be in	beta testing
       phase.  Also, there is no UDP support yet.



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