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jstest-gtk(1)							 jstest-gtk(1)

       jstest-gtk - joystick testing and configuration tool

       jstest-gtk [options]...	[device]...

       jstest-gtk  is  a  simple  joystick tester based	on Gtk+. It provides a
       list of attached	joysticks, a way to display which buttons and axis are
       pressed,	 a  way	 to remap axis and buttons and a way to	calibrate your

       Even when your joystick is working mostly fine, you might want to  give
       it  a  try,  as	the  calibration lets you get rid of overlarge default
       deadzones that many joysticks use and then is a noticeable  problem  in
       some games.

       jstest-gtk is mainly a graphical	interface to check that	your joysticks
       and pads	work properly. You can find precise information	on each	 axis,
       you can optionally recalibrate it and also change the mapping.

       If  you run the program without parameters, you will get	a window show-
       ing all the joystick devices in your system (there  can	be  more  than
       one).  When  you	double click on	one of them, you will get a new	window
       with detailed information about its axes	and buttons.

       There are two buttons in	the detailed window called "Mapping" adn "Cal-
       ibration", that allows you to reconfigurate the device.

       If  you	run  the  program  with	 a  device as an argument (for example
       /dev/input/js0),	you will get the detailed window for that  device  di-
       rectly, without getting the whole list of joysticks in the system.

       Calibration  of	the  axis consists in a	simple window in which you set
       the values that go directly into	the  operative	system	configuration,
       without	doing  any  changes on them. They're divided in	range and dead
       zone (or	center). In both of them you have to set a minimum and a maxi-
       mum. You	also have a checkbox for inverting the axis.

       Values  are  changed  and  applied  in the same instant that you	modify
       them, there's no	need for clicking anywhere or doing anything else  for
       applying	the changes.

       These  program follows the usual	GNU command line syntax, with long op-
       tions starting with two dashes (`-').

       -h, --help
	      Display help information and exit

       -v, --version
	      Display version information and exit

       You   can   find	  more	 information   if   you	  visit	   http://pin-

       jstest-gtk was written by Ingo Ruhnke <>.

       This manual page	was written by Miriam Ruiz <>, for
       the Debian project (and may be used by others).

				 May  9, 2009			 jstest-gtk(1)


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