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joytest(3)		      Svgalib User Manual		    joytest(3)

       joytest - test the svgalib joystick package in text mode

       joytest number

       This  demo program tries	to open	the joystick with the given number and
       calibrates it. The user is prompted to press <Return> after  which  any
       state change of the joystick is reported	until the program is killed.

       This  demo  is part of svgalib and can be found in the demos/ subdirec-
       tory of the original svgalib distribution. However, it is not installed
       in  the	system by default, s.t.	it is unclear where you	can find it if
       your svgalib was	installed by some linux	distribution. Even then,  when
       you  have  the demo on your system, you probably	won't have the sources
       s.t. it is only of limited use for you.

       In case of any such problem, simply get an  svgalib  distribution  from
       the  net.  You  even  don't need	to install it. Just make in the	demos/
       subdirecty. As of this writing, svgalib-1.3.0.tar.gz is the latest ver-
       sion   and   can	  be   retrieved   by	ftp  from  at
       /pub/Linux/libs/graphics	and at  /pub/linux/sources/libs
       which will most probably	be mirrored by a site close to you.

       The  functions  used by this demo are only available in ELF versions of
       svgalib.	Due to backwards compatibility issues it cannot	be  used  with
       shared a.out libs.

       svgalib(7),    vgagl(7),	   libvga.config(5),	threed(6),   accel(6),
       bg_test(6),  eventtest(6),  forktest(6),	 fun(6),  keytest(6),  scroll-
       test(6),	speedtest(6), spin(6), testaccel(6), testgl(6),	testlinear(6),
       vgatest(6),  plane(6),  wrapdemo(6),  vgatest(6),   mjoytest(6),	  joy-
       stick_init(3),	   joystick_close(3),	  joystick_update(3),	  joy-
       stick_sethandler(3),   joystick_setdefaulthandler(3),   joystick_getnu-
       maxes(3), joystick_getnumbuttons(3), joystick_getaxis(3), joystick_get-
       button(3), joystick_button1(3), joystick_getb1(3), joystick_x(3),  joy-

       The  svgalib  joystick  handler	was  mostly  done by Daniel Engstr\"om
       <>.  Multiple	joystick, VC switching support
       and  code  to  glue  it	into  svgalib  by  Michael Weller <eowmob@exp->. Part	of the code is based on	code from C. Smith and
       Vojtech Pavlik.

Svgalib	1.3.0			 14 April 1998			    joytest(3)


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