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JAOTC(1)			 JDK Commands			      JAOTC(1)

       jaotc - The Java	static compiler	that produces native code for compiled
       Java methods

       jaotc [options] [name | list]

	      Command-line options separated by	spaces.	 See jaotc Options.

       name   The Java class or	jar file from which Java methods will be  com-

       list   Colon  (:)  separated list of class names, modules, jar files or
	      directories which	contain	class files.

       The jaotc command is a Java Ahead-Of-Time (AOT) static  compiler	 which
       produces	native code in the form	of a shared library for	the Java meth-
       ods in specified	Java class files.  The Java Virtual Machine  can  load
       these  AOT  libraries  and use native code from them when corresponding
       Java methods are	called.	 By using jaotc, there is no need to wait  for
       the  JIT	 compiler  to generate (by compiling bytecode) the fast	native
       code for	these Java methods.  The code is already  generated  by	 jaotc
       and  ready  to  be  immediately used.  For the same reason, there is no
       need to execute these methods in	the Interpreter	because	fast  compiled
       native code can be executed instead.


       The jaotc command is experimental.  See JEP 295:	Ahead-of-Time Compila-
       tion []	for complete details.

       --output	file
	      Output file name.	 Default name is "".

       --class-name class-names
	      List of Java classes to compile.

       --jar jar-files
	      List of JAR files	to compile.

       --module	modules
	      List of Java modules to compile.

       --directory dirs
	      List of directories to search for	files to compile.

       --search-path dirs
	      List of directories to search for	specified files.

       --compile-commands file
	      Name of the file containing the compile commands:

		     Excludes compilation of specified methods.

		     Compiles only specified methods.

	      Regular expressions are used to  specify	classes	 and  methods.
	      For example:

		     exclude sun.util.resources..*.TimeZoneNames_.*.getContents\(\)\[\[Ljava/lang/Object;
		     compileOnly java.lang.String.*

	      Generates	 profiling  code  for tiered compilation.  By default,
	      profiling	code is	not generated (could be	changed	in a future).

	      Generates	code with java	assertions.   By  default,  assertions
	      code is not generated.

       --compile-threads number
	      Sets  the	number of compilation threads used.  The default value
	      is min(16, available_cpus).

	      Ignores all exceptions thrown during class loading.  By default,
	      the tool will exit compilation if	class loading throws an	excep-

	      Exits on compilation errors.  By default,	failed compilation  is
	      skipped and compilation of other methods continues.

       --info Prints information about compilation phases.

	      Prints more details about	compilation phases.

	      Prints comprehensive details.

       --help or -h or -?
	      Prints a summary of standard options and exits the tool.

	      Prints version information.

       -Jflag Provides	a  flag	 to  pass to the runtime system.  To pass more
	      than one flag, provide an	instance of this option	for each  flag
	      or flag argument needed.

       Use the jaotc tool to execute AOT compilation.

	      jaotc --output HelloWorld.class

       Specify a generated AOT library during application execution:

	      java -XX:AOTLibrary=./ HelloWorld

JDK 13				     2019			      JAOTC(1)


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