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       jack-smf-player - Standard MIDI File player for JACK MIDI

       jack-smf-player	[ -a input port	] [ -d ] [ -n ]	[ -q ] [ -s ] [	-t ] [
       -V ] [ -r rate ]	[ file name ]

       -a input	port
	      Automatically connect to the named input port.  Note  that  this
	      may cause	problems with LASH.

       -d     When throttling, drop messages instead of	delaying them.

       -n     Don't start JACK transport at startup.

       -q     Be quiet,	don't print messages about SMF metaevents etc.

       -s     By default, jack-smf-player creates one output port, "midi_out",
	      through which MIDI messages from all tracks are sent with	 their
	      original	MIDI  channel  number unchanged, and then one port per
	      track, through which only	MIDI  messages	from  that  particular
	      track  are  sent	with  their MIDI channel reset to 0.  That may
	      cause problems with large	number of tracks,  as  the  number  of
	      JACK  ports  is  a  limited  resource.   Passing the "-s"	option
	      causes jack-smf-player to	not create per-channel	output	ports.
	      This option does not change behaviour of the "midi_out" port.

       -t     Do  not  use  JACK transport.  That means	that playback will not
	      start when the transport starts, will not	seek when transport is
	      relocated	 etc.	Also, this flag	will make jack-smf-player exit
	      after the	end of the song.

       -V     Print version number to standard output and exit.

       -r rate
	      Set output rate limit to rate, in	Kbaud.	Limit defined  by  the
	      MIDI specification is 31.25.  By default this parameter is zero,
	      that is, rate limiting is	disabled.

       jack-smf-player is a tool to play  SMF  (Standard  MIDI	Format)	 files
       through	JACK MIDI.  At startup,	it will	load file which	name is	passed
       as a parameter, and, unless the	"-n"  option  is  given,  rewind  JACK
       transport  to position zero and start playing.  You can pause, play and
       seek using JACK transport, for example by using buttons under the  dis-
       play in qjackctl.

jack-smf-player	1.0		  03 May 2008		    JACK-SMF-PLAYER(1)


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