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INTRO(8)                FreeBSD System Manager's Manual               INTRO(8)

     intro -- introduction to system maintenance and operation commands

     This section contains information related to system operation and mainte-
     nance.  It describes commands used to create new file systems, newfs(8),
     verify the integrity of the file systems, fsck(8), control disk usage,
     edquota(8), maintain system backups, dump(8), and recover files when
     disks die an untimely death, restore(8).  The format(8) manual for the
     specific architecture the system is running on should be consulted when
     formatting disks and tapes.  Network related services like inetd(8) and
     ftpd(8) are also described.  The section crash(8) should be consulted to
     understand how to interpret system crash dumps.

     All commands set an exit status.  Its value may be tested to see if the
     command completed normally.  Unless otherwise noted (rare), the value 0
     signifies successful completion of the command, while a value >0 indi-
     cates an error.  Some commands attempt to describe the nature of the
     failure by using error codes defined in sysexits(3), or set the status to
     arbitrary values >0 (typically 1), but many such values are not described
     in the manual.

     The intro section manual page appeared in 4.2BSD.

FreeBSD 4.10                   December 11, 1993                  FreeBSD 4.10


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