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Intro(7)		 Device	and Network Interfaces		      Intro(7)

       Intro, intro - introduction to special files

       This section describes various device and network interfaces  available
       on the system.  The types of interfaces	described   include  character
       and  block  devices,  STREAMS modules, network protocols, file systems,
       and ioctl requests for driver subsystems	and classes.

       This section contains the following major collections:

       (7D)	The system provides drivers for	a variety of hardware devices,
		such  as  disk,	 magnetic  tapes,  serial communication	lines,
		mice, and frame	 buffers, as well as virtual devices  such  as
		pseudo-terminals and windows.

		This  section  describes  special files	that refer to specific
		hardware peripherals  and  device  drivers.  STREAMS	device
		drivers	 are also described. Characteristics of	both the hard-
		ware device and	the corresponding device driver	are  discussed
		where applicable.

		An application accesses	a device through that device's special
		file. This section specifies the device	 special  file	to  be
		used  to  access the device as well as application programming
		interface (API)	information relevant to	the use	of the	device

		All  device  special  files  are  located  under the  /devices
		directory.  The	 /devices directory hierarchy attempts to mir-
		ror  the  hierarchy of system busses, controllers, and devices
		configured on the system.   Logical device names  for  special
		files  in  /devices  are  located  under  the  /dev directory.
		Although not every special file	under  /devices	 will  have  a
		corresponding logical entry under  /dev, whenever possible, an
		application should reference a device using  the logical  name
		for  the device. Logical device	names are listed in the	 FILES
		section	of the page for	the device in question.

		This section also describes driver configuration where	appli-
		cable. Many device drivers have	a driver configuration file of
		the  form   driver_name.conf   associated   with   them	  (see
		driver.conf(4)).  The configuration information	stored	in the
		driver configuration file is used to configure the driver  and
		the  device.  Driver configuration files are located in	 /ker-
		nel/drv	and  /usr/kernel/drv.  Driver configuration files  for
		platform  dependent  drivers  are  located in /platform/`uname
		-i`/kernel/drv	where	`uname	-i`  is	 the  output  of   the
		uname(1) command with the  -i option.

		Some  driver configuration files may contain user configurable
		properties. Changes in a driver's configuration	file will  not
		take  effect  until  the  system is rebooted or	the driver has
		been removed and re-added (see	rem_drv(1M) and	 add_drv(1M)).

       (7FS)	This section describes the  programmatic interface for several
		file systems supported by SunOS.

       (7I)	This section describes ioctl requests which apply to  a	 class
		of  drivers  or	 subsystems. For example, ioctl	requests which
		apply to most tape devices are	discussed in  mtio(7I).	 Ioctl
		requests  relevant to only a specific  device are described on
		the man	page for that device. The page for the device in ques-
		tion  should  still  be	 examined for exceptions to the	ioctls
		listed in section 7I.

       (7M)	This section describes	STREAMS	modules.  Note	that   STREAMS
		drivers	 are  discussed	in section 7D. streamio(7I) contains a
		list of	ioctl requests used to manipulate STREAMS modules  and
		interface with the STREAMS framework.  Ioctl requests specific
		to a  STREAMS module will be discussed on  the	man  page  for
		that module.

       (7P)	This  section describes	various	network	protocols available in

		SunOS supports both  socket-based  and	STREAMS-based  network
		communications.	 The  Internet	protocol  family, described in
		inet(7P), is the primary protocol family supported  by	SunOS,
		although  the  system can support a number of others.  The raw
		interface provides low-level services, such as packet fragmen-
		tation	and  reassembly, routing, addressing, and basic	trans-
		port for socket-based implementations.	Facilities for	commu-
		nicating  using	 an  Internet-family  protocol	are  generally
		accessed by specifying the AF_INET address family when binding
		a socket; see socket(3SOCKET) for details.

		Major protocols	in the Internet	family include:

		  o  The  Internet  Protocol  (IP)  itself, which supports the
		     universal datagram	format,	as described in	 ip(7P).  This
		     is	 the default protocol for SOCK_RAW type	sockets	within
		     the AF_INET domain.

		  o  The Transmission Control  Protocol	 (TCP);	 see  tcp(7P).
		     This  is  the default protocol for	SOCK_STREAM type sock-

		  o  The User Datagram Protocol	(UDP); see  udp(7P).  This  is
		     the default protocol for SOCK_DGRAM type sockets.

		  o  The Address Resolution Protocol (ARP); see	arp(7P).

		  o  The   Internet   Control  Message	Protocol  (ICMP);  see

       add_drv(1M),   rem_drv(1M),   intro(3),	 ioctl(2),    socket(3SOCKET),
       driver.conf(4),	arp(7P), icmp(7P), inet(7P), ip(7P), mtio(7I), st(7D),
       streamio(7I), tcp(7P), udp(7P)

       System Administration Guide: IP Services

       STREAMS Programming Guide

       Writing Device Drivers

       Name		       Description

       6to4(7M)		       See tun(7M)

       6to4tun(7M)	       See tun(7M)

       AH(7P)		       See ipsecah(7P)

       ARP(7P)		       See arp(7P)

       ESP(7P)		       See ipsecesp(7P)

       FSS(7)		       Fair share scheduler

       ICMP(7P)		       See icmp(7P)

       IP(7P)		       See ip(7P)

       RARP(7P)		       See rarp(7P)

       SCTP(7P)		       See sctp(7P)

       TCP(7P)		       See tcp(7P)

       TUN(7M)		       See tun(7M)

       UDP(7P)		       See udp(7P)

       aac(7D)		       SCSI HBA	driver for Adaptec  AdvancedRAID  Con-

       adp(7D)		       Low-level   module  for	controllers  based  on
			       Adaptec AIC-7870P and AIC-7880P SCSI chips

       adpu320(7D)	       Adaptec Ultra320	SCSI host bus adapter driver

       afb(7d)		       Elite3D graphics	accelerator driver

       allkmem(7D)	       See mem(7D)

       amr(7D)		       SCSI HBA	driver for LSI MegaRAID	Controller

       arp(7P)		       Address Resolution Protocol

       asy(7D)		       asynchronous serial port	driver

       ata(7D)		       AT attachment disk driver

       atun(7M)		       See tun(7M)

       audio(7I)		generic	audio device interface

       audio810(7D)	       Amd 8111	south bridge audio digital  controller

       audio_support(7I)       audio driver support routines and interface

       audiocs(7D)	       Crystal Semiconductor 4231 Audio	driver

       audioens(7D)	       Ensoniq 1371/1373 and Creative Labs 5880	driver

       audiots(7D)	       Acer Laboratories Inc.  M5451  audio  processor

       av1394(7D)	       1394 audio/video	driver

       bbc_beep(7D)		Platform-dependent  Beep  driver for BBC-based

       bd(7M)		       SunButtons and SunDials STREAMS module

       bge(7D)		       SUNW,bge	Gigabit	Ethernet driver	 for  Broadcom

       bpp(7D)		       bi-directional parallel port driver

       bscbus(7D)	       See bscv(7D)

       bscv(7D)		       Blade support chip interface driver

       bufmod(7M)	       STREAMS Buffer Module

       cadp(7D)		       Adaptec Ultra-2 SCSI host bus adapter driver

       cadp160(7D)	       Adaptec Ultra160	SCSI host bus adapter driver

       cdio(7I)		       CD-ROM control operations

       ce(7D)		       Cassini Gigabit-Ethernet	device driver

       cgsix(7D)	       accelerated 8-bit color frame buffer

       chs(7D)		       IBM ServeRAID PCI host adapter driver

       cmdk(7D)		       common disk driver

       connld(7M)	       line discipline for unique stream connections

       console(7D)	       STREAMS-based console interface

       cpr(7)		       Suspend and resume module

       cpuid(7D)	       CPU identification driver

       ctfs(7FS)	       contract	file system

       ctsmc(7D)	       System Management  Controller driver

       cvc(7D)		       virtual console driver

       cvcredir(7D)	       virtual console redirection driver

       dad(7D)		       driver for IDE disk devices

       daplt(7D)	       Tavor uDAPL service driver

       dbri(7D)		       Dual Basic Rate ISDN and	audio Interface

       devfs(7FS)	       Devices file system

       devinfo(7D)	       device information driver

       dkio(7I)		       disk control operations

       dlcosmk(7ipp)	       Data Layer Class	of Service Marker

       dlpi(7P)		       Data Link Provider Interface

       dmfe(7D)		       Davicom	 Fast	Ethernet  driver  for  Davicom

       dnet(7D)		       Ethernet	driver for  DEC	 21040,	 21041,	 21140
			       Ethernet	cards

       dpt(7D)		       DPT ServeRAID IV	SCSI host bus adapter and RAID
			       adapter driver

       dr(7d)		       Sun Enterprise 10000   dynamic  reconfiguration

       drmach(7d)	       See dr(7d)

       dscpmk(7ipp)	       Differentiated Services Code Point Marker

       dtrace(7D)	       DTrace dynamic tracing facility

       e1000g(7D)	       1000g  Intel  Gigabit and 82546EB based network
			       interface controllers

       ecpp(7D)		       IEEE 1284 compliant parallel port driver

       ehci(7D)		       Enhanced	host controller	driver

       elxl(7D)		       3Com Ethernet device driver

       eri(7D)		       eri Fast-Ethernet device	driver

       esp(7D)		       ESP SCSI	Host Bus Adapter Driver

       fas(7D)		       FAS SCSI	Host Bus Adapter Driver

       fasttrap(7D)	       DTrace user instruction tracing provider

       fbio(7I)		       frame buffer control operations

       fbt(7D)		       DTrace function boundary	tracing	provider

       fcip(7D)		       IP/ARP over Fibre Channel  datagram  encapsula-
			       tion driver

       fcp(7D)		       Fibre Channel protocol driver

       fctl(7D)		       Sun Fibre Channel transport library

       fd(7D)		       drivers	for  floppy disks and floppy disk con-

       fdc(7D)		       See fd(7D)

       fdio(7I)		       floppy disk control operations

       ffb(7D)		       24-bit UPA  color  frame	 buffer	 and  graphics

       flowacct(7ipp)	       Flow Accouting module

       fp(7d)		       Sun Fibre Channel port driver

       ge(7D)		       GEM Gigabit-Ethernet device driver

       gld(7D)		       Generic

       glm(7D)		       GLM SCSI	Host Bus Adapter Driver

       gpio_87317(7D)	       General purpose I/O driver for SuperIO

       grbeep(7d)		Platform-dependent beep	driver for S

       hci1394(7D)	       1394 OpenHCI host controller driver

       hdio(7I)		       SMD and IPI disk	control	operations

       hid(7D)		       Human interface device (HID) class driver

       hme(7D)		       SUNW,hme	Fast-Ethernet device driver

       hpfc(7D)		       Agilent fibre channel host bus adapter

       hsfs(7FS)	       High  Sierra [amp   ] ISO 9660 CD-ROM file sys-

       hubd(7D)		       USB hub driver

       i2bsc(7D)	       See bscv(7D)

       i2o_bs(7D)	       Block Storage OSM for I2O

       i2o_scsi(7D)	       an I2O OS specific module that supports

       ib(7D)		       InfiniBand Bus Nexus Driver

       ibcm(7D)		       Solaris InfiniBand Communication	Manager

       ibd(7D)		       Infiniband IPoIB	device driver

       ibdm(7D)		       Solaris InfiniBand Device Manager

       ibmf(7)		       InfiniBand Management Transport Framework

       ibtl(7D)		       Solaris InfiniBand Transport Layer

       icmp(7P)		       Internet	Control	Message	Protocol

       icmp6(7P)	       Internet	Control	Message	Protocol for  Internet
			       Protocol	Version	6

       idn(7d)		       inter-domain network device driver

       if(7P)		       See if_tcp(7P)

       if_tcp(7P)	       general properties of Internet Protocol network

       ifb(7d)		       24-bit PCI  color  frame	 buffer	 and  graphics
			       accelerator driver

       ifp(7D)		       ISP2100	Family	Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapter

       inet(7P)		       Internet	protocol family

       inet6(7P)	       Internet	protocol family	for Internet  Protocol
			       version 6

       ip(7P)		       Internet	Protocol

       ip6(7P)		       Internet	Protocol Version 6

       ipgpc(7ipp)	       IP Generic Packet Classifier

       ipqos(7ipp)	       IP Quality of Service

       iprb(7D)		       Intel  82557,  82558,  82559[ndash  ]controlled
			       network interface controllers

       ipsec(7P)	       Internet	Protocol Security Architecture

       ipsecah(7P)	       IPsec Authentication Header

       ipsecesp(7P)	       IPsec Encapsulating Security Payload

       isdnio(7I)	       ISDN interfaces

       isp(7D)		       ISP SCSI	Host Bus Adapter Driver

       ixgb(7d)		       SUNWixgb, 10G Gigabit Ethernet driver for Intel
			       82597ex controllers and Sun Kirkwood adapters

       jfb(7D)		       XVR-1200	Graphics Accelerator device driver

       jfca(7D)		       JNI Fibre Channel Adapter (FCA) Driver

       kb(7M)		       keyboard	STREAMS	module

       kdmouse(7D)	       built-in	mouse device interface

       kmdb(7d)		       Kernel debugger

       kmem(7D)		       See mem(7D)

       kstat(7D)	       kernel statistics driver

       ksyms(7D)	       kernel symbols

       ldterm(7M)	       standard	 STREAMS terminal line discipline mod-

       llc1(7D)		       Logical Link Control Protocol Class 1 Driver

       llc2(7D)		       Class II	logical	link control driver

       lockstat(7D)	       DTrace kernel lock instrumentation provider

       lofi(7D)		       Loopback	file driver

       lofs(7FS)	       loopback	virtual	file system

       log(7D)		       interface to STREAMS error  logging  and	 event

       logi(7D)		       LOGITECH	Bus Mouse device interface

       lp(7D)		       driver for parallel port

       m64(7D)		       PGX,  PGX24,  and  PGX64	 frame	buffers	device

       md(7D)		       user configurable pseudo	device driver

       mediator(7D)	       support for HA configurations consisting	of two
			       strings of drives

       mem(7D)		       physical	or virtual memory access

       mhd(7i)		       multihost disk control operations

       mixer(7I)	       audio mixer audio personality module interface

       mpt(7D)		       SCSI host bus adapter driver

       msglog(7D)	       message	output	collection from	system startup
			       or background applications

       msm(7D)		       Microsoft Bus Mouse device interface

       mt(7D)		       tape interface

       mtio(7I)		       general magnetic	tape interface

       ncrs(7D)		       SCSI host bus adapter driver

       ngdr(7d)		       See dr(7d)

       ngdrmach(7d)	       See dr(7d)

       null(7D)		       the null	file, also called the null device

       objfs(7FS)	       Kernel object filesystem

       ocf_ibutton(7D)	       iButton Smart Card terminal driver

       ohci(7D)		       OpenHCI host controller driver

       openprom(7D)	       PROM monitor configuration interface

       pcata(7D)	       PCMCIA ATA card device driver

       pcelx(7D)	       3COM EtherLink III PCMCIA Ethernet Adapter

       pcfs(7FS)	       DOS formatted file system

       pcic(7D)		       Intel i82365SL PC Card Interface	Controller

       pckt(7M)		       STREAMS Packet Mode module

       pcmem(7D)	       PCMCIA memory card nexus	driver

       pcn(7D)		       AMD PCnet Ethernet controller device driver

       pcram(7D)	       PCMCIA RAM memory card device driver

       pcscsi(7D)	       low-level module	for the	AMD PCscsi, PCscsi II,
			       PCnet-SCSI,  and	 Qlogic	QLA510 PCI-to-SCSI bus

       pcser(7D)	       PCMCIA serial card device driver

       pf_key(7P)	       security	association database

       pfb(7D)		       Sun XVR-100 Graphics Accelerator	device driver

       pfmod(7M)	       STREAMS Packet Filter Module

       pipemod(7M)	       STREAMS pipe flushing module

       pm(7D)		       Power Management	driver

       poll(7d)		       driver for fast poll on many file descriptors

       prnio(7I)	       generic printer interface

       profile(7D)	       DTrace profile interrupt	provider

       ptem(7M)		       STREAMS Pseudo Terminal Emulation module

       ptm(7D)		       STREAMS pseudo-tty master driver

       pts(7D)		       STREAMS pseudo-tty slave	driver

       pty(7D)		       pseudo-terminal driver

       qfe(7d)		       SUNW,qfe	Quad Fast-Ethernet device driver

       qlc(7D)		       ISP2200 and ISP2300 Family Fibre	 Channel  host
			       bus adapter driver

       quotactl(7I)	       manipulate disk quotas

       qus(7D)		       Qlogic  Ultra3  SCSI  ISP10160 Host Bus Adapter

       ramdisk(7D)	       RAM disk	device driver

       random(7D)	       Strong random number generator device

       rarp(7P)		       Reverse address resolution protocol

       route(7P)	       kernel packet forwarding	database

       routing(7P)	       system support for packet network routing

       rtls(7D)		       Realtek Fast Ethernet 8139[ndash	]based network
			       interface controllers

       sad(7D)		       STREAMS Administrative Driver

       sbpro(7D)	       Sound  Blaster Pro, Sound Blaster 16, and Sound
			       Blaster AWE32 audio device driver

       scmi2c(7d)	       Smart Transporter chip device driver

       scsa1394(7D)	       SCSI to 1394 bridge driver

       scsa2usb(7D)		SCSI to	USB bridge driver

       scsi_vhci(7D)	       SCSI  virtual  host   controller	  interconnect

       sctp(7P)		       Stream Control Transmission Protocol

       sd(7D)		       SCSI disk and ATAPI/SCSI	CD-ROM device driver

       sdt(7D)		       DTrace statically defined tracing provider

       se(7D)		       Siemens 82532 ESCC serial communications	driver

       se_hdlc(7D)	       on-board	high-performance serial	HDLC interface

       ses(7D)		       SCSI enclosure services device driver

       sesio(7I)	       enclosure services device driver	interface

       sf(7D)		       SOC+ FC-AL FCP Driver

       sgen(7D)		       Generic SCSI device driver

       sip(7P)		       SIP Proxy/registrar/redirect server

       sk98sol(7D)	       SysKonnect   Gigabit  Ethernet  SK-98xx	device

       skfp(7D)		       SysKonnect FDDI PCI device driver

       slp(7P)		       Service Location	Protocol

       smbus(7D)	       System Management Bus controller	driver

       socal(7D)	       Serial Optical  Controller  for	Fibre  Channel
			       Arbitrated Loop (SOC+) device driver

       sockio(7I)	       ioctls that operate directly on sockets

       sppptun(7M)	       PPP tunneling pseudo-driver

       spwr(7D)		       SMC EtherPower II 10/100	(9432) Ethernet	device

       ssd(7D)		       Fibre  Channel  Arbitrated  Loop	 disk	device

       st(7D)		       driver for SCSI tape devices

       stp4020(7D)	       STP 4020	PCMCIA Adapter

       streamio(7I)	       STREAMS ioctl commands

       su(7D)		       asynchronous serial port	driver

       sxp(7D)		       Rockwell	2200 SNAP Streams Driver

       symhisl(7D)	       symhisl SCSI Host Bus Adapter Driver

       sysmsg(7D)	       system message routing to console devices

       systrace(7D)	       DTrace system call tracing provider

       tavor(7D)	       InfiniHost MT23108 InfiniBand (IB) Driver

       tcp(7P)		       Internet	Transmission Control Protocol

       termio(7I)	       general terminal	interface

       termiox(7I)	       extended	general	terminal interface

       ticlts(7D)	       loopback	transport providers

       ticots(7D)	       See ticlts(7D)

       ticotsord(7D)	       See ticlts(7D)

       timod(7M)	       Transport Interface cooperating STREAMS module

       tirdwr(7M)	       Transport    Interface	read/write   interface
			       STREAMS module

       tmpfs(7FS)	       memory based file system

       tokenmt(7ipp)	       Single and Two  Rate  Three  Conformance	 Level

       tpf(7D)		       Platform	Specific Module	(PSM) for Tricord Sys-
			       tems Enterprise Server  Models  ES3000,	ES4000
			       and ES5000.

       tsalarm(7D)	       Alarm device driver

       tswtclmt(7ipp)	       Time  Sliding  Window  Three  Conformance Level

       ttcompat(7M)	       V7, 4BSD	and XENIX STREAMS compatibility	module

       tty(7D)		       controlling terminal interface

       ttymux(7D)	       Serial I/O multiplexing STREAMS device driver

       tun(7M)		       tunneling STREAMS module

       uata(7D)		       IDE Host	Bus Adapter Driver

       udfs(7FS)	       universal disk format file system

       udp(7P)		       Internet	User Datagram Protocol

       ufs(7FS)		       UFS file	system

       ugen(7D)		       USB generic driver

       uhci(7D)		       host controller driver

       urandom(7D)	       See random(7D)

       usb(7D)		       See usba(7D)

       usb_ac(7D)	       USB audio control driver

       usb_ah(7M)	       USB audio HID STREAMS module

       usb_as(7D)	       USB audio streaming driver

       usb_mid(7D)	       USB Multi Interface Driver

       usba(7D)		       Solaris USB Architecture	(USBA)

       usbkbm(7M)	       keyboard	STREAMS	module for Sun USB Keyboard

       usbms(7M)	       USB mouse STREAMS module

       usbprn(7D)	       USB printer class driver

       usbser_edge(7D)	       Digi Edgeport USB to serial converter driver

       uscsi(7I)	       user SCSI command interface

       usoc(7D)		       universal  serial  optical controller for Fibre
			       Channel arbitrated loop (SOC+) device driver

       visual_io(7I)	       Solaris VISUAL I/O control operations

       vni(7d)		       STREAMS virtual network interface driver

       volfs(7FS)	       Volume Management file system

       vuid2ps2(7M)	       See vuidmice(7M)

       vuid3ps2(7M)	       See vuidmice(7M)

       vuidm3p(7M)	       See vuidmice(7M)

       vuidm4p(7M)	       See vuidmice(7M)

       vuidm5p(7M)	       See vuidmice(7M)

       vuidmice(7M)	       converts	mouse protocol to Firm Events

       wrsm(7D)		       WCI Remote Shared Memory	(WRSM) device driver

       wrsmd(7D)	       WCI Remote Shared Memory	(WRSM) DLPI driver

       wscons(7D)	       workstation console

       xge(7D)		       S2IO Xframe 10Gigabit Ethernet Network  Adapter

       xmemfs(7FS)	       extended	memory file system

       zcons(7D)	       Zone console device driver

       zero(7D)		       source of zeroes

       zs(7D)		       Zilog 8530 SCC serial communications driver

       zsh(7D)		       On-board	serial HDLC/SDLC interface

       zulu(7d)		       Sun XVR-4000 Graphics Accelerator driver

SunOS 5.10			  21 Dec 2004			      Intro(7)


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